BRADFORD, THE EXCHANGE - 10th March 2007


It's amazing what these free little punk all dayers will throw up. I travelled to Bradford from Cleckheaton to find that the venue 'The Exchange' was one of those stealth venues. In the event of Britain ever being invaded I suggest all those in the Yorks area get there and hide. The enemy will never find it. I only lived down the road and would rather negotiate shark infested waters than the Bradford one way system again. 
Any road, once ensconced I find that I have missed the opening act. They will forever be 'The band with no name' - Sorry whoever you were?  
First band I see are the superbly named 'Flat Back Four' - Who I thought?  They are now a name I'm unlikely to forget as they were quite superb. Take a dose of Leatherface, add some dry humour, then chuck on some booze to ease the dryness and you are left with a very good formation indeed. I like bands who will liaise with the punters. FB4 did that and had the tunes to back up their stories of beer,war, killing Germans, beer and a bit more war. We could all identify with "Share The Wealth" - A song about those mates we all have who try to disguise themselves as a Marshall Cab / Hat stand / Furniture when it's their round at the bar in the venue. My mate is just like that. A Jekyll & Hyde character. He's all sweetness & light when supping (Dr Jekyll) & as soon as its his round he 'hides'! Anyway, check this band out. Superb pop/punk who are neither flat or offside, but there are four of them. I'm over the moon to have seen them Gary.
Following that were the uber heavy 'Barnyard Masturbator' There was a bit of a buzz about them before show time and quite a few bodies made for the stage to have a butchers. Comprising of 2 chicks & 2 dicks, the 'Barnyard' rocked more than Val Doonicans chair. The Yank singer Scarlet also has more bounce than a rabbits trampoline and the drummer was banging away like a good un. They finally have some new songs as well. "Ode to Oi" being the pick of the bunch, though it doesn't  have the word 'Oi' mentioned anywhere? They closed with a mad cover of "Team America" a welcome bit of light relief after 8/9 songs about hating people. Good to see women giving it some. 
Next up were "Most Likely to Fail" & for me they did. They were just like my 30 inch waist jeans in that I couldn't get into them. Some you win.... 
"Boredom AD" are now fronted by Bri Slutcher. (UK Subs bassist) The guy can't sing a note but boy can he entertain. He climbed the PA, he fell in the crowd and he danced with a OAP who was the only one pogoing down the front(?) Again a very competent band and somehow it all works. Songs about "Vincent Price" & "Taxis" are always a winner. Again I didn't think they were going to be my cuppa but again I was pleasantly surprised. 
'The Scabs' from Penrith followed this and again didn't disappoint. They have a skinhead/street sound and a singer who looks like he means business. They sing about the streets & the scum who inhabit them, be they hoodies or general guttersnipes. They were the sort of surprise I like. Another diamond band. It was like finding a £20 note in an old jacket, that was the kind of smile they put on my face. Hard as granite and as powerful as a Magnum. "Do you feel lucky punk?" 
The gig closed with "Suspicious Stains" - To be honest I didn't see much of them so feel I can't comment too much. They sounded ok and again are female fronted. I think they were running out of time as they raced through the set pretty quick. A bit like the rabbit I accidentally ran over on the way home. (In the car, not physically) I will check them out again. 
All in all this is the 2nd free FUNGALPUNK/Noise Anoize's gig I have attended and both have thrown up more fine stuff than a anorexic model. You should try and support these events. Prove punk is not dead in the UK.


by Steve Argyle