Basically what others have had to say about the SAS ethos, gigs and surrounding attitude.


When you do a gig for this well known Stockport sewer dweller you know what you see is what you get - a fella who is 100% behind proper underdog punk (the fact he is to be found pissed and usually cavorting on his back on the floor is of no consequence lol).
Always a pleasure and long live REAL PUNK FESTIVALS LIKE THE SAS

More sherry ma dear - Steve Scab


Really enjoyed the Weekend, best yet! Got to see some old favourites and some new ones. Really enjoyed our own set on Saturday night and pleased the crowd made the effort to get into us. Can't wait till the next Weekender, will stay over for it instead of travelling so we can hit the sherbert more and join in the festivites better. Low points was Tim having a fit on Sunday, high point was watching him buy a beer 2 seconds after coming round from his fit! Trooper. Thanks Dave you did yourself proud again and brought together a fine bunch of bands that made this a Weekend to remember - Dave - Most Likely To Fail


Was a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the 3 day SAS festival! Full stop end of! Keep the faith fungal one... Dunk - The Mispelt


"The Spit and Sawdust Tour marched on with a 3 day extravaganza of quality punk rock and roll at the Thatched House in Stockport. Fungalpunk played a blinder again showcasing the cream of underground punk from around the UK for real punk fans. No fakes here and no attitudes just 3 days of live music, beer, chicken chow mein and bronze. Quality is what it’s all about from the off with the excellent Sounds of Swami at 6pm on the Friday through to 2 Sick Monkeys on Sunday Night. The SAS gigs are a great opportunity to catch some quality new bands that have the Fungalpunk seal of approval and it didn’t disappoint again. Support the SAS!" - Dean SLit


Armchair punks think they do good by supporting only old bands but "SAS festivals" are where the true punks are - watching the bands that reflect the true punk spirit.  Armchair punks get off yer arses and support down to earth punk. - Ronnie Rome

Tell em' Ronnie

It was bleedin' ace! It was our first SAS gig, so we were a little unsure what to expect. The shenanigins trying to find the place, then the uncertainty as to what was happening (with bands pulling out, and gear all over the show...) kept us on edge. Then everything came together like a masterchef recipe once OMD and Andy showed up. Bish bash bosh, the piles of gear were turned into a respectable backline and hey
presto, Ambush UK were on.

We were really impressed with the standard of the other bands, having only played with one of them (Suspicious Stains) previously. We were even more impressed with how everyone supported everyone else and turned it into a communal piss up! It did exactly what it said on the tin: no egos and no bullshit. Bands were even helping each other haul gear heroic distances across town to distant car parks. That doesn't happen often.

Thankfully, we seemed to go down pretty well, and people were very kind in saying nice things about our set. We can't wait for our next appearance, at Retford in April. Long live SAS! - Ste - FBF

It all be true you know

'Great bands, great prices. No bullshit'
'Gigs put on by promoters who actually give a shit about the bands and punters alike'
'This tour is punk how it should be. These bands and promoters aren’t in it for the money, its all about the love for it and trying to make the scene stronger' - Graeme

We do it coz we mean it

"SAS is the dogs bollox of pure real punk of today not for armchair nostalgia whingers stuck in the past"  Oh and trees are best and cut out tits.   Let em av it! - Geeza

What tits are these Mr Scabistro

Proper punk at grass roots level and a great drinking fest. - Tim ‘Punk4Life’ Davies

That Mr Davies and his drink - wot a tinker

SAS is about promoting grass roots punk at its best and maintaining the punk ethos that was lost in 78 - Keep up the good work - W Jonesh

Is that Wilfredo there

The SAS is the best set of gigs and line-ups there are for the amount of money you have to pay to watch quality bands who play their hearts out everytime to entertain everyone.  I enjoy every gig we play and can’t wait to play more!!! Pure Class! and cheers to Dave and Andy organising it all! - Ben - The Scabs

Lovely lad that Ben

Forget the cabaret acts that are making money touring and living on past glory, that's not what Punk is /was, there's plenty of new punk bands out there and the S.A.S. tour gives them chance to prove that the Punk ethic is still alive......hats off to all involved!
Cheers - Big Andy - The Bullet Kings and Churchill

Never a truer word said oh large one

Death to false punk - Carl - AFS and others

And long live the gingy bastards