I'd not been to a Dean Diggle presentation for a fair while now due to being dragged here and there with underdog pursuits, having an autumnal period rammed with mushroom duties and as protest to Dean's recently set up Satanic Circle for Bent Vicars.  Very nasty!  Anyway it was good to meet up with the old bean again and see some old familiar faces in an old haunt that just hangs on in there fighting against the recession.  The planned Graham Greene nights could really turn this place around and I for one will be partaking of a smoke or two at one of these events if they do go ahead.
Chits, chats with twits and twats (myself included) and it was upstairs for the opening act of the night.  Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man started the night’s events and are nothing like the band I had on a few SAS gigs a few years ago when melodica was in charge and mayhem was secondary.  Now the show is fast and hard with an incessant edge that could draw one in or turn one away.   I had seen this band plenty of times and so as per usual adopted a self-avoidance so as to not become stagnated by the sound due to over-viewing.  On this re-visit to the land of ROTPM one thing was evident - an extra guitarist is needed in my opinion. I have chatted with frontman Andy about this since and he disagrees so rather than rant on about my feelings it is best to leave it there.  Just a personal opinion and one I am happy to stand corrected on.  Other than that niggle the set was OK by me with a few loose bits which Dean noticed more than me (obviously Diggle is on drugs or ken of ear) and with some songs making greater impact than others especially 'Felch, Death, Fuck, Storm' but all in all not too bad.  In truth I can take or leave the band in the current mode but know many what do enjoy them.  Feedback was split afterwards but fair do's to a band who have put it around a bit and contribute in many ways to their particular scene.  I’m happy to prod and poke ROTPM and help them along and just because it isn’t a bag of sound that I could dip into every other week doesn’t change the fact that the band are getting a slow but steady increase in their following (and sold a bit of merch after the gig).  I have enjoyed this crew more often than not though so come on let’s be positive.  Now about that second guitarist….ha, ha.
Next up a band who left a nice aftertaste when playing a Fungal gig for me in Bolton with those Aussie rapscallions Anger in Motion.  That initial viewing was a fair do but nothing prepared me for this excellent output what highlighted what a band can do with attention to detail, talent and just sheer fuckin' doggedness at hanging on in there and getting out gigging.  I loved this 100% and took time to admire the souped up siren on drums who bished and bashed with wonderful passion, the fantastic guitarist who twinged and twanged with semi-pissed zeal and pulled out a stormer, the bassist who just kept his head down and was thoroughly absorbed in his own 4-string manipulation which he executed just marvellously and not forgetting the crackin’ front lass who held the fore of the stage with confidence, great movement and excellent vocal conviction.  All components looked good, played good and contributed to a thoroughly entertaining set.  One thing to note is that the band look happy in one another’s company and each individual is given space to work and thus showcase and succeed.  I'm still not totally familiar with the songs but really couldn't spot a prolapsed arsehole in this bevy of ready rubbed rectums (sorry folks - its an OCD/OMD thing ha, ha).  Yes - loved it and the fact that the band leave spacious moments for the front female to sing alone shows utter sanguinity in their chosen sonica and gets me enthused.  Were there CD's for sale - fuck knows - such are the hazards of chin-wagging so much.  Save one for me dudes at yer next show in Manc- a review will follow and this Fungal expects nothing less than quality!
Finally the band many had been talking about and a band whom I had missed recently after they played The Retro Bar down the road and left a mighty impression.  Static Thought hail from East Bay in the USA and come at you with all pistons pumping and all strings screeching with a sub-hardcore assault built on big, big riffage and intense white heat power chords.  The fuckers don't even look as though they are trying too hard which makes for an admirable (and annoying you twats) spectacle I really couldn't fault.  Once again I am unfamiliar with the bands songs so the cover was a good benchmark to judge them by.  Well 'What's My Name' by The Clash is a cover that has been done by quite a few bands (Prairie Dugz and The Skeptix spring immediately to mind) but this was a surging stunner that is the best copy of this song I have heard to date.  That in some way proves the class of this band and I was totally stunned by what I saw transpire on this Manchester stage.  Mention must go to the bassist who was superb and really provided a solid backbone for the band to work with.  Thanks has gotta go to deviant Dean Diggle for getting a decent crowd in for a Monday night and also to top, top sound man Marios who really does know his acoustic onions.
The set closed in grand style and with quarter of an hour to spare it was time to analyse the nights events with a few chums.  All seemed pleased so it can't be bad can it?  Just to add if anyone saw professional idler Matt (from Rebel Conspiracy) collapse after the show do not panic - all is well.  Apparently he was within 50 foot of someone who mentioned the word 'work' and the shock just knocked him for six.  Hopefully another 6 months in bed will help him to recover.  I did advise him a haircut and a stint in the army may sort him out whereupon he blanched of colour and fumbled some excuse about being an arthritic and 'on pills' for his nerves ha, ha.  Local lad Tez had to dash off to catch the Off-Licence before it shut and fitness fanatic Jason went home saying he felt the urge to 'pump some iron' - how long has this gut been living with a robot is anyone’s guess.
A good do and a new band on my personal list for the year (which is always pleasing).  Dean plods on and is doing alright for himself which just goes to prove the devil does indeed look after his own ha, ha.  Good one fella!
FOOTNOTE:  If anyone found a memory card with 6000 images of the same guy with a different lady then please contact Steve Iles, Sinister Snaps Ltd, Unhinged Lane, Clitsville - or call him on 333 333 333 - (he won't be in as he'll be out gigging but leave a crank message anyway). 

review by OMD (1 February 2010)