Another Nozfest - number 5 I think and certainly the first one I'll be sober at due to my recent withdrawal from drinking deviancies. Anyway I arrived on time to see a stressed Noz get pushed from pillar to post with one band pulling, then another etc. Poor bugger - and he has no hair to lose. Its funny really when you see another promoter struggling it makes you wonder why any of us bother - all shit and no sherbert.

First up Roadkill who are recruits on the SAS Tour next year and need to polish their performance quite mightily. With a bad sound and several errors this wasn't the best opener and Roadkill are far better than this struggling set. There were moments that reflected this but the accoustics were wank as was the dire crowd and all ended as flat as Frankensteins bonce. Pity this because this trio are loads better but even roses smell shite when composted with horse shit. Work it out yourselves.

Next Boredom who with every performance are looking more like a professional band. 'Lowlife' is always the pick and this was the case again from a classy performance. Andy Dazzler drummed superbly and Andy Noize Anoize really looks the part with his shades and intense expression. Proper good old fashioned punk here with no bollocks either way. A pleasure again.

3CR next and this was a decent enough set with the lads looking a bit jaded and in need of a rest. With so much gigging the time is ripe to put the feet up and enjoy a break and conjure up a new set and get a new spark. 'Porno Star' was excellent and the new re-vamping is a delight. 'SUV', 'Preacher Punk' and 'Minger' were the pick of the rest and highlight how better 3CR are when not resorting to an overdose of rectal nonsense. The old stuff sounded as tired as the guys looked and all I can say is 'enjoy the rest lads'.

Next The Krks whom I watched the start and end of and who were as upbeat and well rehearsed as ever. 'Time For A Riot' and 'Over The Top' stood tall in a forest of good well delivered tunes. Another SAS band for next year and for these I have no worries as they should go down well wherever they play.

I missed Outlaw due to nattering and other distractions but I presume they did OK - they usually do. I've seen them 3 times recently so my break was well planned.

Next were the band of the day - namely Riot Squad. A few line-up changes here since last time I saw them and boy what a difference. This lot have always been good but this is the best they've been. Full-on aggression and attitude in a frenetic non-stop performance of marvellous songs. New frontman Chiz is a regular face on the scene and his approach and delivery of all songs is fuckin' excellent. No CD's for sale was a disappointment as was the crowd who were mostly outside talking fuckin' nonsense instead of watching a fantastic band. Silly twats.

Finally for me was a brief performance by the Spittin' Dummies. I watched these perform their first gig and have followed them ever since and have witnessed some mind blowing performances that made them the best band in Manchester of all time and one of the best bands in country. This however was a terrible time for me as the performance was utter, utter shite and was so disjointed and unrehearsed that it did nothing but undo many a years fine work. The sound was piss poor which didn't help and yet the crowd seemed to love it. What the fuck they were on I don't know but if they had any recollection of what the Dummies have produced in the past they couldn't have been anything else than disappointed. Daft bastards. Anyway a sour way to end to an OK day with the Dummies needing a kick up the arse and Riot Squad just need to get gigging.

Noz told me to thank all bands who made the effort and helped bring about another Nozfest so there you go. Keep supporting your local scene and people like Noz because the shit they get and deal with is done out of passion and I'm sure simpleness - but it keeps punk going and thats what matters.

review by OMD