A bit of a mad rush this due to one thing and another but finally myself and my good lady picked Banjo and Noz up in Stockport and headed for the venue without a clue to were we were going.  Farnworth was easy enough to find after eventually getting on the right bit of motorway and surprisingly the venue was located with hardly any bother at all (except of Noz' bladder break).

A decent gaff inside that smacked of 70's Saturday nights out for bingo playing housewives and beer swilling sessions for local pit workers.  Tonight however almost like Old Mother Hubbards cupboard it was bare (of life) except for the sparsely sprinkled cliques of eager punk rockers looking for something special on a run of the mill Friday night.

Never mind and after a few chats with some Stockport/Manchester punk chums it was the turn of Kiss This.  Now this was by no means whatsoever my thing but in all fairness this wasn't half bad.  Nice and tight like a misers arse with a good essence of spirit from the frontman this set would go down well with a more appropriately inclined (and aged) crowd.  All in all a decent start the only negative being the lead singers shirt - as fashion statements go this surely was on the lines of 'Burn me coz I look like a twat'.  Good stuff though so I'll say no more.

Next up were Billy Club, a band I'd seen twice before on the recommendation of Hunty (or Simon) a Stockport punky dude whom I normally disagree with but however knows his stuff.  ON the 2 prior viewings I can honestly say that this is a quality outfit whom are well rehearsed and have a vitality that comes across throughout their performances.  Karl Morris on guitar is a seasoned pro with several top band stints under his belt (UK Subs and Exploited included) and the frontman's vocals a excellently delivered with a constant volume and aggressiveness that is quite bewildering.

Tonight was the usual numbers I'd heard before and once again it was a tremendous set.  With a sparse crowd this bunch still delivered the goods which to me always shows good attitude and commitment.  '747', 'Smash it up' and the absolutely brilliant 'I Saw God' were the pick of the bunch but in truth every song was a peach.  The finale of 'Homicide' was just sheer class and was icing on a very palatable cake.  Even 999 don't do this song any better so what better compliment could Billy Club ask for.  Fuckin' great.

Last up Born Idle whom I hadn't seen for a couple of years.  Tonight there were a few new numbers to me but the whole crafty skill and well timed delivery was still there and to be honest this performance was the best that I'd seen them.  A few of my mates are not keen on this lot but personally I think they're a pretty decent bunch and if this lot keep improving like they have tonight they can look forward to some very tasty gigs.

On retrospect this was a pretty fair gig with all 3 bands doing some good stuff.  The venue is decent enough and on a good night could be quite a place to be.  Thanks to all bands for some decent entertaining and here's to St Gregory's future - get down there and give your support!


Review by Fungalpunk/OMD - (9 October 2004)