What a shit night, FeeB played first and were total dirge, they sucked cock big time and I couldn't figure out why people ventured up the stairs and paid to see them? They made a cacophony that totally put me on a downer.

ELECTRIC SHITE ORCHESTRA - even worse, no-one watched, the room emptied even more and they had no energy at all and no-one laughed at them or danced to them. Rat(\/arukers/Discharge/The \/ile) didn't join them onstage and sing a UK Subs song and no one so much as clapped them.

2 SICK MONKEYS - why do they fucking bother? Drum and bass will never catch on and no one wants to see it at a punk gig, what a bag of old bollocks.

THE RE\/ERENDS - what a load of smegma, why the fuck did they bother? They aren't destined for greatness and their CD isn't the best release this millenium, they need to pack in playing and give up cos they are fucking RANK - all in all a total fail of a gig.

Oh and I tell a pack of lies, if you want to see for yourself GET OUT MORE !!!

review by Johnny March (11 November 2012)