After the first Fungalskapunka evening I had great anticipation for another crackin' night with less trepidation about the size of the crowd. The vibes were good and after a busy promotional campaign hopes were high.

Arriving at 6pm it was good to see Sense of Urgency already there and well on the way to a state of choice inebriation. Eager beavers and pissheads - great combination and one I fully condone!

The other bands arrived and a few punters too and a warm, friendly atmosphere was had in this quality gaff that is truly 'Up close and personal'. With the soundcheck sounding awesome (what else could I expect with Andy (Billyclub) at the helm) and the bands raring to go, top ska lads The Fractions opened with jigging followers appreciative of this bands busy and well orchestrated performance that just seems to keep on winning new admirers. This was very good indeed and a foul specimen amongst a collection of golden samples would be hard to find as this cock rockin' outpouring did the business and set the gig a-going on a very high standard. There's no bollocks or bullshit here with The Fractions! Offer the gig - be it opening slot or headline and these skankers usually agree and never shirk from assisting with gear. A promoters dream and the fact that they are a great band is also an added bonus.

A lengthy break between The Fractions finish and Most Likely To Fails start was deliberate so as to try and maximise the amount of onlookers. The ploy worked to some extent and didn't hinder proceedings with MLTF starting to a decent crowd. The cultured sound that MLTF knock out is one to appreciate over a few listenings rather than hastily judge on the back of one encounter like the majority of the self appointed critical punk populace do. Personally I adore this band both as people and players and despite being privileged to a cheap supply of Angel Dust and Crack Rocks from frontman Paul I will continue to fight their cause and fly the MLTFflag. Tonight's set was as good as ever with 'Weekend Rebel', 'Killing Time', 'Innocent Eyes' and the signature tune 'Most Likely To Fail' all sturdy members from a parade of prize porkers. The 2 covers of 'American Jesus' and 'Code Blue' are a good inclusion and maintain crowd interest and respect. Another great showing and hopefully the wanton womb of punk will open and bathe these five Yorkshire yodellers in the periodic blood of success.

And so to Sense of Urgency. Pissed, proud and ready to play these swilling skankers took to the stage and despite a wobbling guitarist and equally bladdered frontman they hammered out a set that won the crowds appreciation. Intent on a full-tilt performance, frontman Joe crashed and smashed (literally) his way through the the set in true punk fashion. A broken plug socket, light and thankfully no bones were the result of a cracking outing (sorry Neil) but all was well in the end and Sense of Urgency are surely welcome back for more. Love the spirit, love the attitude and yes' lets get some more shit together soon (and further afield).

To close it was another one of my favourite bands, namely Flat Back Four. They had a fair bit on their plate to follow the tomfoolery of SOU but like crowing cocks in a barnyard of beer swillers the FBF doodle-doo was delivered with passion and belief and displayed a band comfortable with the headline position. A very strong set indeed and at this point the gaff was very busy with quite a few punters taking notice of this 4 piece's almighty effort. The new bassist did very well indeed and all round this was a darn decent do. 'Thatto Heath' pleases the neutral as does 'English Civil War' with 'Psalm 23' and 'The Fallen' choice inclusions for the FBF Fan. Lovely finish to a lovely evening and with the time 15 minutes later than I planned to finish I dashed off quickly to meet my good lady in the car park.

I am very proud to be allowed to put gigs on at this fine venue and so far all bands are loving it. Great sound, great company and landlord Neil is a top bloke so what more can a promoter want. For these gigs it is kept entirely real and honest and the bands I include should take it for what it is and get the best out of a great opportunity. Long live the Fungalskapunka nights and lets hope the support keeps on growing.


Review by Fungalpunk/OMD - (10 March 2008)