With the sole purpose of seeing TNS Andy (Revenge of the Psychotronic Man) and to check out some new bands I headed to the Joshua Brookes. Nice venue albeit a trifle small but the ambience was cosy and I sussed out that if I brought in 2 bags of King Edwards' spuds the room would look pretty full. The odd chit chat and the first band was up.

The Dangerous Aces are fronted by genuine punk dude Moz who does a pretty decent job despite being relatively new to the performing role. This band are still green but have much promise with some of their numbers blending several styles and resulting in a very tasty offering. Yeah its by far from the finished product but the raw, unaffected style has a charm of its own and the main task for the DA's is to maintain this innocent style but become tighter and sharper as a unit. Personally I enjoyed it and liked the OI OI hints as well as the street-style delivery. Definitely worth checking out and I look forward to their CD debut with much anticipation.

Next was a geezer called Jay Hudson (I think) - not my scene so excuse the lack of knowledge. Anyway he was apparently ex-guitarist of someone or other and tonight was doing a solo stint. All in all what I witnessed was inoffensive enough and the guy obviously knows his music and how to play it. The songs were a bit too one paced but the performance was good. 'Another Girl, Another Planet' was average and didn't really work accoustically but the guy had a go and for that deserves credit.

Medicine Bow were another new one to me and dished up a rockabilly cum barnyard sound that was pretty well done. A few hay bales and some scrumpy may have added to the atmosphere and with a few guest appearances by whoever (although was one of them that drinking maestro from Gizmo) this was well recieved. Again not my bag but very enjoyable and definitely worth checking out if in your vicinty.

Lastly of the night for me (work tomorrow you see) were The Shadowcops. I came and I didn't expect much and what I got was just that. I didn't get much at all. In fact I got a fuckin' great shit load of pleasure from viewing 4 young 'erberts thrash out an impeccable set awash with high octane rhythms and youthful gusto. From start to finish this was a classic showing and really set the night on fire. This is what punk should be all about - fun, skill, spirit and a great stage effort. I don't give a toss if the musics shite or not to my liking - if the effort and attitude are there then your half way to being on a winner with me. These lads had an abundance of effort and talent and impressed me very much. As for attitude - time will tell - but they should not get carried away by the talent they have and should focus it, be humble and be one of the best bands around. Lets see.

So a good night done and off I tootled into the pissy Manchester rain to head home. Good night really and yet another wank turn-out typical of the underground music scene toady. TNS Andy has some good ideals and deserves better so get down and support the gigs there - you may see something good - I did!

review by OMD (8 January 2007)