There hadn't been much about lately that tickled the Fungal fancy and with the wildlife season underway it was a case of spending time in sunny glades with the honest family or spending time in shady shit-holes with lying twats. No contest really ha, ha! Tonight fit into my plans and although tired, still struggling with the Renal Rocks from Hell I thought I'd make the effort and check out 2 bands I was familiar with and one new one who were making a good vibe.

Arriving well before the first band I watched a few sound checks, sipped my overpriced can of Red Stripe and caught up with a bit of reading on 'Insect Lives'. Dean the promo dude was buzzing about and chatted amiably as he always does. Nice lad really and one you'd take home to meet ya mother (if your that way inclined ha, ha). Toptastic punk vault of knowledge arrived in the form of Trev McTucky and Manc promoter Mr Steve Lillis also arrived and we wise gentlemen chatted away about the scene, the charlatans therein and the laughable jokes we see around us. One thing agreed though was that we were looking down the barrel at 3 good bands provided by Mr Diggle and we were all particularly intrigued by the prospect of the Cyanide Pills.

A few more heads entered and jaws were duly wagged and then...

The Adjusters were up, playing away and producing the usual high class fare I have now come to expect. These dudes are now rolling and getting the gigs and Fungal still warns of over-exposure. Nevertheless I enjoyed this once more particularly the first half where the band moved a little more, created a bigger stage presence and rocked the joint hard. In truth though the full set is now complete with an array of consistently quality songs that hit the zone time and time again. The crew seem to now have a small local following too and a few legs were twitching as the tendrils of tuneage tickled the nether nerves. 'Can't See' is still a fave but I am not going to pick anything on this occasion and just say that all the set rocked. Ash is a grand frontman and looks a rock and roller and is backed by some good string men and a reliable stick artiste who keeps the rhythm well. A hiccup with the mike and one other minor slip is all I noted and attention was given in turn to each individual and how they operated. No real gripes and again the only advice I would give is to tear it up a tad more and clash and collide on stage and have a darn good time. Top band who now need to fly - it’s your ball - now go!

A breather outside and chats with Mo Hickey of that Plutonian Breakfast Site and a couple of dudes who are fans of The Stitches - yeah!

Back in and to The Cyanide Pills. Top notch stuff this from potential Stars of the Radio, prospects of tomorrow and tribute payers to yesteryear. Plucked straight from the 70's, dusted down, injected with new school spirit, sprinkled with oodles of belief and left to rock and roll in true poppoid punk fashion. Quirked and worked to high extreme the band put the effort in, and keep it cheap, catchy, snotted and thoroughly brattish. The frontman knows the score and needs to. This style of noise is no easy task to produce and many attempt and many fall short. The players kept things edgy and gave their all with strong success and one can't help but think that there is big, big promise for this crew. America is their destiny where they can mix and match with the best and I reckon will obviously hold their own. 'Suicide Bomber' stood out and I do need to catch up with a few of their releases. A chance was had, a distraction caused a moment of forgetfulness and alas I came away empty handed - next time for sure and a review too ya buggers. I loved this and although several comparisons are obvious and some aren't this was a crackin' set and relished by the Fungal swine. Go check these out now - top notch!

The Cute Lepers next and after my previous viewing I expected much. I like what I have on disk from this band and am a keen fan of the popped, pricked and melodic side of punk. Looking the part and on a professional push the band got up started well but were far from highlighted by a sound that just wasn't doing the business. Many seemed oblivious but this crews songs which come thick, fast and of a remarkable standard just weren't being given the sonic space to show their true potential. Position 1 moved to position 2 - 'Terminal Boredom' raised hopes and the clarity grew but still I felt frustrated. Sweat poured on stage, the players ground out more crackers and position 2 become position 3 as I sought to found sonic solace and please my nagging lugs. The further away it seemed the better the results and cheers to the aforementioned Mo for his assistance. The crowd seemed pleased with what they were getting and perhaps, due to the bands calibre, I came expecting too much and just receiving something 'good' wasn't enough. I still like The Cute Lepers and would go see them again if they were in the area and 'yes' I would still expect plenty. Hey ho - this shit happens sometimes.

So in retrospect a darn good gig and deserved of a few more punters. Outside the rain came down and a few snippets of info came my way to reinforce my decision to step out of the gig pushing pit and concentrate on background work where I can avoid the pathetic false tomfoolery you need to indulge in to win favour and be popular. Fuck that - I wanna enjoy the noise and keep it moving and tonight, thanks to the bands and Dean, I in the main, did just that!

review by OMD (7 May 2011)