Well straight in. 3 Stone Monkey. Tight, edgy, angular fun band dealing with real life complete with suits and a dancing monkey. The origins of the band probably goes something like this “what can I be in the band?”, “you can be the monkey” and why fuckin' not. All the songs catchy and danceable. ‘Xbox’ & ‘Tick Tock’ are still stuck in my noggin. Catchier than MRSA and more difficult to escape from. This band rock and look at real life a lot more realistically than Sham 69's second album and do it enjoyably with a very distinct sound. I have reviewed the band several times before and really have nothing new to say. They were as good as ever and it is always a real pleasure to see them. Top notch punk rock and one sweaty fucking Eagle and monkey.

The Atoms bring us the second great set of the night. More poppier edged but beefy punk of the Gorgeous George, Screeching Weasel, Queers ilk played bloody well. A band having fun and encouraging others to do likewise. I must confess there were a couple of moments where the music got a bit too nice for my personal tastes but overall this didn't stop it being a very enjoyable set indeed. Top class lyrics about stuff set to an active backdrop of surf inspired pop punk. Me likes.
Angry Itch bring us a more grimy, grufty forceful set. Angry Itch are the place where Coffin Break meet Motorhead whilst waltzing with the Angry Samoans to an 80's punk band fed on a diet of Steve Albini- Fucking excellent. Flex some muscle, pump the iron, no need for posing because the body is solid. I love it when punk bands expand musical horizons and absorb the nutrients of non specific genre-fication. Angry Itch take it in to serve it out and leave us hungry for more. Yep they will do for me.

As always Brocker were awesome. A wondrous blend of punk, skanking, rock and charisma, energy and character. What's not to love about Brocker? The talent is only equalled by enthusiasm with each member of the band giving 110%. Brocker are far more than the sum of their parts. Full of energy but moving in unity, exciting but personal. Warm and danceable. Friendly but furious. Brocker are a band who take what they do serious but evidently love every minute of it. Tunes, harmonies, riffs and smiles. Come join the party cuz Brocker wanna give us some rock n roll.

Wonk Unit - beautiful and surreal, realism for impressionists, Dada with wonder, Wonk Unit, probably the only punk band who bring you the beauty of Mahler, the poetry of Byron and the humour of Emo Philips, simply divine. Tonight they are loved, thoroughly entertaining and captivating. A real precious jewel in the punk scene. There was a point in history when punk meant without boundaries, when bands produced what they wanted and were appreciated. Wonk Unit show us that these were not necessarily the days of Yore because Wonk Unit play by their own rules and people love them, not just for pushing boundaries but because people love the band Wonk Unit are which is the band Wonk Unit want to be. Tonight we are not watching a band but having an experience. The Wonk Unit experience which lifts, moves, transforms and entertains. The selfish part of me wants to see Wonk Unit stay relatively small so we can keep the secret to ourselves. The realist in me knows this band deserve to be fucking huge. Tonight I fucking loved Wonk Unit.

Overall then an amazing night. A major thank you to Lenny Hodgetts for all his hard work in putting on nights like this.

review by Eagle Spits (7 June 2015)