After a duff turn-out on the Monday of this week I was hoping to squeeze a few more heads in on this Wednesday night. Another DIY gig, another WSO gig - if you don't get it by now perhaps you never will.

On the bus again after a day at work I still arrived in good time and greeted the bands as they came and the few faces who had made the effort - appreciated amigos. The gig started at approximately 8pm, there was no fuckin' about just like this review - time, as ever, is of the essence!

The Ardent - their first gig tonight and they manifested themselves (dirty bastards) as a 3 piece, 2 members from the fine wrapped up outfit Buddhist Anarchist and one old Buff-ite who was making one of his rare public appearances - up the hermits I say! The band plugged in, in one instance puked up and played a short set with reliance on heavy duty riffage, twat clatter tympanics and a sawing, gnawing extra guitar routine that added mustard to an already arse-burning recipe. The effort poured in produced good early fruit and the volume and feedback copulated well with the razing unapologetic vocals and the skin searing intensity of the output. There are some embryonic classics tucked away here that will, with more public exposure and attentive hammerings, blossom into bastards of beauty - I am salivating at the thought of it. A few mis-timed moments were battered through, sweat was broken as was the resistance of the newcomer and I reckon many nobs were twanged in the room tonight - in the most sonically decent way of course. Next time I will apply a more in depth assessment - for now the ball is rolling and the musical match ahead looks promising.

Government Death Epidemic - A band who have played a few Fungal shows in the past, who do things at their own pace and who mix and match their output with ever increasing skill. Personally this was the best I have seen them tonight and it reinforced my belief that it really is a privilege to see quality bands so up close and personal in a gaff such as this. I have never been a 'big gig' fan, I have always had a preference for the cosy corners of cacophony where the vibrations are much more impacting and the music more easily absorbed. Tonight we witnessed a treat with powerful chant rants, rolling liquid tuneage and memorable reggae rhythmed situations all proffered before our hungry ears for us to admire. Drum duty was attended to with variation and well versed know-how and gave foundation on which the two wire wankers could wobble out their wares (sounds almost sexual don't ya think). As the set progressed the stature of the band grew and the dual singing, the shift from the direct to the delicate and the actually well-rehearsed/well-versed developments that took place gave many in the room more than they bargained for. The closure of 'Governments Fault' is one of those songs I fuckin' love but this lot are building up a superb repertoire that shows that they must carry on and get out there to pastures new and accepting. The old vibes that clash with the new, the matured aggression and the tight articulation all gratify and satisfy both players and punters in one solid swoop. I should have got a set list prior to the performance and done a full detailed review - I most certainly will next time. What a fuckin' great do!

2 Sick Monkeys - A bang on band who first played for me when in their chimping nappies and who have since clocked up 961 gigs to date and are still very much enthused. I expected much and, with so many claiming to be fans of the band, a better turn-out than we got - hey but such is the transparency of the talk out there. I was certain though of a storming set and that is what we all got with the brace of apes on fire and chucking out their rhythmic bananas with much gusto. The open duo of 'Rock 'n' Roll Song' and 'Live It Up (Fuck It Up)' were an example of what was to come with the bass and the boomers combining to make one intricate and exciting introduction to a set that was a feisty, fruity and fuckin' fiery throughout. The manipulation of both pieces of acoustic weaponry was masterful and all those years gigging up and down the country were all prevalent and at the peak of fruition. 'What D'you Know', 'Can't Deny' and '24/7, were slapped home with breathless attention, the punters present gave due respect to the exhibition and were keen to see and hear more and more. A 'Blurrr!' came, one of many, a few more sweet sensations swept from the stage with my personal pick of the pops the ever effective ' Superhero' a choice gem and from a kind soul that is never forgetful. 'Happy Days' is always a treat and the closure of 'Fuck Off' is still one to leave a smile on yer face and a good ringing in your bleeding lugs. The 2 Sick Monkeys clamber on, there is no success only in the doing and that is mightily precious and will never be overlooked by those who mean it and are fellow bed partners in the mire. We know the score, I hope a few more out there do too! A brilliant set by a brilliant band - full stop!

I loved it again tonight, I believe in all that goes on with the WSO and the true DIY way. Many say they do but don't - such is life, tis a hard slog but amidst all those takers and fakers and slagwankers and shits there are a few good folk who try their best. God bless em' and let us hope they help each other to stay afloat, smile and keep things moving forward...not backward! I'm outta here!

Review by Fungalpunk/OMD (6 October 2016)