Having been sidetracked with fungal duties over the last few months my gigging had taken a severe downslide but I have still managed to clock up 59 all time new bands this year so still doing OK - I can't do everything ya twats!   Anyway it was a nice surprise that a 3 band freebie turned up on our doorstep especially as those deviant doodles Wonk Unit were playing. Cheers to Noz and Karen for sorting this at such short notice and the Thatched House for accommodating the 3 bands.  A last minute venue change and a Thursday night gig (which was bonfire night) was never destined to pull a crowd and the few of us that made the effort could almost have made it look like a double figure turn-out if we would have run around a bit.  No worries and the gig carried on regardless with a kind of 'shit happens' carefree ambience that the bands should be applauded for.
First up were a new outfit for me by the name of Hovercraft Pirates.  The first and most obvious question has got to be - 'Who the hell are Hovercraft Pirates?  Well the response given on their myspace site reads as follows:- ‘Hovercraft Pirates are a heavy rock 3 piece from the North Coast of Ireland. They concentrate on hard heavy guitar riffs, pounding loud drums and low dropping bass that would rattle a tiger’s cage from miles away’. On tonight’s performance I couldn't agree more.  A very tidy set that did indeed lean towards the rock side of things rather than the punk arena but which was still worthy of my bigoted attention ha, ha.  Despite the lowly turn-out this three piece applied themselves well enough and gave a good account of themselves which gained a nod of the head from my young 'in the know' 12 year old daughter. The set was well rehearsed and in parts rocked hard with big riffs and meaty power chords.  To me the rock edge was blended with a new school Americana punkology and that gave the band more scope to diversify the sound.  There were several good tracks and we picked up a CD for a couple of golden nuggets which I am sure we will enjoy - hey I'll fuckin' review it too!  Yeah I recommend you check these Air Cushioned Vehicle Robbers as they bring a nice noise with them and seem like decent blokes - you don't need much more do you.
At this point I must warn you punkers out there of a disease rife in the punk community.  The disease is known as Nozulitis and the symptoms are thus:-  One has a sensation of claustrophobia and visions of balding cider swilling deviants hellbent on selling you insect porn.  Add to these a tendency to part with ones money for RBH CD's and a inkling to burn selected aboriginal frauds and you are genuinely suffering from this debilitating disease.  The cure is a high dosage of kebabs and several honest wanks per day to drain the body of its depravity.  Be careful though - if  the masturbatory sessions are not done in a public place further symptoms may arise.  One unlucky victim started wearing a baseball cap back to front and became a Bejewelled Blitz addict - ooohh frightening.  Why I am writing this balderdash and digressing from the point is beyond me but sometimes I feel the need to get these things out in the open. 
Moving on and lets go Wonky Doodle!  Wonk Unit come from a variety of inexplicable tangents and I am happy to say do not follow any orthodox pattern of rigid routine.  Their output is abstract, a tad insane and artistically challenging.  Obscure, cunt-esque and stained with a sonic shit one can't wash out I guarantee you will still find the WU trio entertaining.  The well orchestrated songs, segments of randomised poetry that border on lunatic insight and the enthusiastic 'I don't care' attitude is what makes the Wonkers a band to see.  Tonight was different from my previous viewing but still a good watch.   It is hard to pinpoint what they do well but whatever it is it works.  They have a plethora of good songs to boot many of which I have reviewed on their CD (check it yer buggers) and which made up the set tonight.  All these rocked well but a new one for me was 'The Ghoul' and it was an instantaneous hit.  I'm looking forward to hearing a recorded version of this but in the meantime will have to make do with the excellent album.  The drums play with passion, the guitarist with neat skill and frontman Alex the gob and bass throb is a talent unto himself.  It is a fine three-piece that thrive in each others company and this crew are doing more than alright for themselves with 2010 set to be a big year.  Don't suffer in silence - get wonked!
The last band for the night were Angel City Outcasts a band I had neither seen nor heard of - shame on me.  Hailing from Los Angeles, California this articulate outfit gave a high octane gun-slinging performance that was a joy to behold.  The players knew their instruments inside out and the visual energy and efficient application merged to make this a nice final shoot-out.  There were many influences in the mix for me with general rock and punk thriving throughout but tattooed with a variety of sonic colours such as Americana again, blues and rockabilly.  A strange mix and maybe off the mark but that's how I saw it.  The songs were all consistent and maintained a decent zenith and I will be checking out a few of the bands tunes on Myspace to see what they offer in the recorded arena.  I should have picked up a CD but was left skint after putting a few quid in the pot, having a couple of jars and buying my young un' a Wonk Unit T-shirt - next time maybe.
So 3 good bands and apologies to the last band who weren't on the bill but were apparently booked in on the said night but which Banjo the landlord forgot about - Banjo you are a twat!
Not a bad do at all and off we headed into the smoky night ready for bed but pleased with the night’s entertainment.  Amazing what you can uncover sometimes and the reason I like to potter about in search of new listening matter - I encourage all to do the same.
FOOTNOTE:  The drivel halfway written about Nozulitis is complete and utter crap and if you do have any of the aforementioned symptoms you really do need to get yer fuckin' head tested - unless you are called Noz of course!  Nice one mate!



Review by Fungalpunk/OMD - (6 November 2009)