Down the M1 then across the snowy hills from Nottingham we go. To arrive at one of the finest little boozers in the land. A place with a warm heart and a concern for the community. Today they are collecting clothes, shoes and dosh to help local homeless charities. This is not a one off, it is an ongoing process. Spot on, keep up the good work. Anyway on with the review:-

Fungal Thoughts – I am buggered out of late and am taking a back seat with this review but will chip in along the way.

Sod Off Sigmund -WTF

Fungal’s Thoughts – Yes, what the fuck indeed!  The detritus washed up from the now defunct Spitune these three minstrels (Gary and Rachel Eagling and Danny Tooher) do what they do without effect, without leaning towards idiot niceties but with the DIY flag flying high – Any set that contains  a ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ cover, a song about ‘PMT’ and a fuckin’ classic known as ‘Smile’ will do for me and this certainly did – they are coming back real soon.

Next up are Stubborn Bastards who treat us to a wonderful set of issue inspired two mouthed, well oiled, in your face punk rock and its fucking great. The twin vocals with two very different voices give these guys a real edge. Musically exciting, at times galloping at times grinding. One of my favourite comps of all time was ‘A Country Fit For Heroes” on No Future Records because it was unpretentious, uncommercial, gave a fuck and had great, solid bands. Today Stubborn Bastards bring back memories of that comp, bless em. They are great at what they do and I love what they do. I find myself saying ‘Fuck yeah’ in agreement with the band throughout their set. They touch on issues which need to be aired and do so with guts and bollox. I loved all their set but ‘Disjointed Scene’ for some reason grabbed me by the throat and made me ejaculate. What a tune! What a band! Nuff said.

Fungal’s Thoughts – A soiled as the pissed-in snow, as real as you could wish for, Stubborn Bastards make an initial impact and make it stick.  The band nailed it and set the first seismic vibration of a very long day.  A crucial inclusion and all those in attendance could certainly walk away from this cobweb free – spot on!

Next up Healer of Bastards. I had never heard these lot before but had checked them out online and was expecting them to be good. However not this fucking good. On the Hardcore of hardcore punk with a passion to make the world a better place. A three piece with the drummer doing vocal duty. I am impressed. Tight, catchy and inspired. Healer of Bastards have some important stuff to say from ‘Killed By Catwalk’ through 'Who's To Blame’ to ‘Wage Slave’ they care, have a heart, have a passion for change and musical ability by the tonnage. As tight as a fucking tight thing, as solid as a fucking solid thing. The second band today to blow me away. And they do an anti drones number - good lads. For me punk has always been more than music. Bands like Healer of Bastards are important because they remind us that we are not alone in striving for a better world they also give us a great soundtrack to do so to. Top fucking notch.

Fungal’s Thoughts – I know the stickman via his old band RAM-MAN and via the superb Angry Scenes Compilation CD’s (the best, the very best) so trusted this to be exceptional.  The CD promised much, when I found out the guitarist from Slab was in the band the promise escalated and what I witnessed was fuckin’ bang on the mark.  Pacey, punishing, drilled home with a thirsty efficiency the band cruised through their set and left me wanting more – the simple answer to that is to book em’ again – and so I fuckin’ will!

Eye The Bomb are next out the traps and bring to the table their own blend of roughed up, punk inspired, funky hip hop. Riffage aplenty, funky bass lines and spot on turn table work. Songs with attitude, songs which matter. A band full of charisma. I have very few reference points for these engaging guys but at times there are hints of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, elements of RATM and The Beastie Boys but more importantly for me I think I see shadows of bands like Combat Wombat. There is a politic of concern about the band and a lust for life which combined make Eye The Bomb an engaging outfit. A thoroughly enjoyable set indeed.

Fungal’s Thoughts – This lot are a class turn some in the punk scene will get, some will not.  Don’t forget the gigs I do are least concerned with the ‘punk’ but more concerned with exposing good quality music laden with attitude and DIY desire – if that then be deemed as ‘punk’ so be it.  Today the band were faultless and turned the gig on its head with a delightfully different angle thrown into the mix.  These guys are choice chaps, Ric a real gent who means it and as far as I am concerned there will be more and more to come.  If you are on of those that attends Rebellion please check em’ out – ye will be delighted.

A very theatrical electro goth punk duo called The Webb take to the stage (well floor space actually) and give us a sweet half hour of dark beautifulness. With keys, vocals and choreography The Webb are captivating and good fun but with depth. The dangers of losing your soul and identity on social media, the horrors of falling in darkness, feelings of claustrophobia are all covered. The Webb have a few problems with their sound during their set which distracted slightly but the personality of the band over rode this. They even made an Exploited song sound good. Not many bands can do that. Truly hypnotic stuff but very danceable. Lovely, lovely set.

Fungal’s Thoughts – The Webb added yet another tangent to the days proceedings and despite a few dicky moments with the sound got by, charmed and chilled (in various formats) and won over the considerate crowd.  A wired up two-piece clued in to their art and knocking forth with such likeable and believable artistry.  The peeps off stage are amazingly genial and lovable, that goes someway to winning the day but boy they don’t half back it up with some good vibrations – ooh I am still shaking.

Obnoxious UK treat us to the kind of set you expect from Obnoxious UK. A bit like having your favourite meal in your favourite restaurant. No surprises because you get exactly what you expected and what you wanted. You thoroughly enjoyed it last time and do so again. The meal is cooked exactly as you like it and you leave satisfied after leaving a massive tip. You will be returning to said restaurant ASAP. Yep Obnoxious UK are that good. Solid punk R&R meets the finest horror punk. I love this stuff, musically tight and catchy, rocking and rolling, vocals gruff and bluesy. ‘Elvis is Dead’, ‘Cadava Doll’ and ‘Cottage Strangler’ always ignite my enthusiasm and my feet are a moving. A great set, received with enthusiasm from the attendees. Can I have some more please sir?

Fungal’s Thoughts – One of the most reliable bands I have worked with – you order, open and know what you will get.  No fannying about, no loose bits or added idiot extras – just rock solid spooky sonica laced up with cute tinkling and sharp attention. The bands songs are so ingrained within my sonic soul I could play the set myself – I think that says enough.

Trigger McPoopshute were simply fucking brilliant. I had seen em’ a couple of times before and thought they were good but tonight they were fucking brilliant. They played their hearts out, had loads of fun, and got about 37000 beer mats chucked at em’ for their troubles. Great sing-a-long punkage with fun banter. Totally absorbing and had the place engaged and enthused. Songs like ‘Drinking With The Big Boys’, ‘Headfuck’ and ‘Muthafucker’ might not be life changing in a seeing The Clash for the first time kind of way but are the essential ingredients for a fucking good punk rock night out. Trigger McPoopshute are one hell of an experience and were rewarded by enthusiasm and people going ape shit for their efforts. What a carry on, I fukin loved it. These guys made my life very difficult. Dave HT had asked me to write the review but they had him so excited that he was pissing himself, soaking my notepad with beer and rolling about on the floor with me. How the fuck am I supposed to work in those conditions? Anyway have I said they were fucking brilliant?

Fungal’s Thoughts – Last time I saw these was on one of my gigs in Stoke, they played twice on the 2 dayer – they were fuckin’ great both times but – not as good as they were tonight.  This was a blistering exception – loaded with lunacy, carelessness and cracked waywardness.  The band aren’t looking to change the world, they aren’t looking to get your political hackles up-  no, they are just looking to make a noise, drink heavy and have some fun – all three boxes were ticked tonight – bam, bam, bam.  Please feel free to ignore Eagles slanderous comments in his review – it was me nerves guv’nor, me nerves.

Complete Dysfunction bring us a set of politically inspired, rough round the edges old school dirty punk which the crowd lap up. Punk rock of the UK Subs variety but more grufty and jagged. Loads of dancing and applause occurs. Good repetitive bits which encourage folk to sing along.

Fungal’s Thoughts – Could you tell I had been on the lash all day – was it beginning to show?  Maybe but nothing could stop me from enjoying this retro rock out that was well received by the crowd and perhaps saw the most pinging about of the day. A real naturalised rough house set that long-term punkers will lap up and the videos flying around Facefuck back up the standard.  No frills noise, adorned with strong strings and slap happy sticks this gruff grind out appealed big time – as simple as!

Cosmic Slop bring us a set of very unsloppy intrigue. Cosmic Slop are obviously rooted in punk rock but they make it their own and bring angles by the bucket full. Exciting stuff indeed, with the female vocalist charging and jerking like Ian Curtis's twin sister and sounding a little like Pauline Murray. Very original despite doing a Rolling Stones cover. Sense of the personal with references about your grandchildren being much better than your own kids. Throughout the set there is a stand out feel of contrast and conflict. From the vulnerable to the harsh, from the slick to the jagged. Cosmic Slop bounce off themselves, each other and the crowd. Originality with a sense of the traditional. Right up my street complete with smashed headlights and daisies.

Fungal’s Thoughts – A completely no-rules cough up – as dangerous as a deviant with a pocketful of hand grenades – Cosmic Slop appeal to the gut instincts of the listener, that inner voice that tells you this is something special and so unrefined nay, unprocessed.  Again it is on the precipice of peril with it flying over one or two heads but with more and more actually getting to grips with what the hell is going on.  The output is best likened to a flower strewn wasteland where the grim and grey will never defeat the bright and hopeful and no matter what there will always be a fight raging.  I loved what this band do and ‘DIY’ is a fuckin’ masterpiece.

It’s been a long day with much madness but things aren't slowing down yet cuz The Kingcrows are up now and as a last band do us proud. Beautifully sleazy Punk R&R done with style and a great bunch of tunes. Fitting somewhere between Machine Gun Etiquette era Damned and The first Crazyhead album The Kingcrows are pretty amazing baby and have a groove sweeter than a freshly ploughed field. They are a great way to finish the night, like having a cherry on an iced bun. Just something a little special to finish off. Loads of fine swagger and finely tuned catchy songs complete with Brylcream and riffs. Very nice indeed squire.

Fungal’s Thoughts – You can’t fault The Kingcrows – they bring a certain classiness to proceedings and dish out delectable sing-a-long tune one after the other.  I have been working with these dudes for some time, from back when they could hardly fill a toilet but due to the bands quality tuneage and dogged perseverance they are getting more than their just rewards and proving it over and over again with showing like this.  I was pissed up now and happy to be so – this is fine music to stagger to and stagger I did – as happy as a pig in shit, blessed in the knowledge that this is why we all do it.  A perfect ending, the punters loved it – I have no gripes.

So an amazing day spent in good company. A real eclectic mix of bands so well done Mr Fungal. Totally DIY done for the right reasons. Don't worry I will recover at some point. Awesome, awesome day!

Fungal’s Thoughts – Thanks folks – everyone of ya – thank you indeed. We will never give up and the more you come and dabble along with me there is no reason to.  Take a chance on the unknown, get to grips with the struggler and enjoy the wonderful noise you will uncover – point proven today.  PS – The Station rocks – Cheers Pauline!



Review by Eagle Spits- (6 March 2016