Time ticks on, the wind is billowing a howler and many are blown to bits, beaten down or giving in and taking flight with the gusts. The tidal waves rise, the success jockeys jump on board and take the easy route, the ones striving for the underdogs are getting soaked but are mighty resilient bastards and worthy of one’s time. Of late, a few folk have fallen by the wayside, the many scenes pull their own way and as per, many units slip through gaps and life moves on regardless. The art of hanging on in there though is something to celebrate and, if by my humble and well-meant bit, I can help a few worthy pluckers play on and some keen fuckers to come and mingle with the low-brow, unaffected few, I will consider that a success. And so, after a hectic day leading Nature Walk No 457 I went home, did some microscopy, listened to some Northern Soul and headed out to dish out the Fungalised Session of Noise No 188 - I was greeted by some fine faces, some old, some new, some rather blue (it must be the drink) and I duly wallowed. Here we go again folks -

The opening course of the nights 3 way sonic meal was served up by the choice unit known as Passion Play. This was the 6th time that I had showcased this lot and this was a chance to try and get a few more lugs tuned in to something a little off the spiked thoroughfare and something a trifle more thoughtful, dark and may I add, reclined. The band are a 3 piece, I consider their output a blend of that which is post-punk, tinged with sable introspection and with a tonal output to please the more niche musos. I love what they do and tonight encapsulated the reasoning as to why I put them on. After the opening few tunes I was in the groove, watching the drummer smile and make steady rhythm, the bassist weave his magic on the six-strung creation and Tony Nicholson at the fore, apply his light flickering and more sturdy wire warpings whilst opening up the oral cavern. 'The Sting' is always a catchy snippet (despite the sinister content matter) and the Beatle-ised ‘Park Road' is supreme delicacy and always hits the eavesdropping hotspots. This was a pleasure once more, the bonus was, the crowd loved it too (well except Steve Tucker, but he is just a ball-grabbing tone deaf git anyway ha, ha). Smashing stuff.

Next, and a band I had last seen 42 years ago, namely The Deceased. These are some mates from where I used to live who have now decided to have a bash at what they used to do, albeit this time with a new singer (DK Discharge take a bow). The original lead lout was a good mate of mine, we indulged in many controversial antics, he is now a preacher man with his own church, I think he got off lightly. So, after a band pulled out, these buggers asked for a spot and I took a reluctant plunge. I am not a believer in going backwards, treading the same water and over-bathing in spiky nostalgia. I don't mind old vibes from other arenas, I do like to keep the DIY as fresh as possible if I can - tonight though I was mighty glad to have taken the chance. The band came, put in a quite solid stint with many vibes I still had in my bonce and with the onlookers absolutely lapping it up. The band looked comfortable, were as tight as the aforementioned Mr Tucker's special gonad grip and played with a controlled joy that was a delight to behold. 'Boredom', 'Bullshit Detector', 'U. D. C.' 'Anarchy On Saturday Night' and the increasing impetus of 'Realisation' were a few choice moments from a set that worked, and worked ruddy well. My over-zealous pal Rob Taylor lapped it up like a perverse dog with a new bowl of anal dipped Bonios - he loved it, the punters loved it and, even this old pernickety fucker loved it. I think all players know their stuff, the frontman is growing into the groove, I just hope they don't get carried away and keep it real. I aim to showcase them again when I get a slot, I think it would be unwise to wait another 42 years though.

With decent crowd in the gaff the final duties fell to the very reliable Entropy. This lot need little in the way of introduction as far as I am concerned. Top people, making a fine noise in their own style and always chipping in with fine DIY spirit. They played their first gig for me a couple of years back, I was overjoyed at what I saw and heard. Their 4 track EP captures everything good about the band and to keep things moving for them (in my own humble and minor way) is what it is all about. The set opened and finished with the bruising bollock-basher known as 'Jawbreaker' - the frontman’s fave tune in fact. Throughout, the band appeared at their most relaxed to date, played with a unity that is becoming more secure by the session and with a joy de vivre that is utterly enthralling. 'Voices' still remains a big moment but I am rather smitten by all that transpires and the new track slotted in without fuss and indicated that these lot are keen to keep on creating and clobbering the senses. Go see em' folks, these embryonic stages of a band are not to be missed.

So, 10.30 on the dot and done, farewells given and this aching old DIY doofer buggered off and prepared for the morrow - more shrooming of course and a busy week to follow as per. The joy never ends, the defiance is par for the course, no I won't ever fall in line to be a big cheese, but what I will do is kick and scream all the way in sanguine defiance against anyone who dares question the beauty of noise played at this level in gaffs where the folk are real and the racket is pure and in yer face. Have it – on we go…FOREVER!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (4 November 2023)