Day - long, rewarding. Birds aplenty, sunshine galore, mining bees, butterflies and the duck-billed hoverfly - good company. The wife made it complete whilst the young un' made cakes, shopped with friends and looked forward to a gig of her own. Home, crummy, busy, busy, busy. Gig - toss up - 50/50 - decision swayed by shadows - victuals consumed in haste, to the venue I did arrive.

Virtually empty, a few salutations, a bottle of Adam's Ale, a read of a book concerning Diptera and their allies. Calming. Faces arrived, bands arrived, pleasant talk indulged in. A few boat races floated in from distance stretches of rhythmic rivers - a pleasure to catch up and blow the sails. Tick, tock - the incessancy of the clock - first band on stage.

Gob at fore inebriated, slant of band towards the spectrum shade of Oi - thrown in are facets of ska and heavier sonic shizzle. The band are rolling, rolling with fun. They are far from professional but convince nonetheless. Effort is the key, with effort shall come success - if it be combined with good attitude and approachability - this is indeed the case. The songs indulge the attentive ones. 'Scum', 'Unity', and 'Hooligans' appeal, the band are loving it. Why are more people not here? A chest is bared by the male on the ale, we are given a fair set. 'Such A Waste' and 'Don't Care' are other peaks amid the undulating acoustic hills of honest noise making. Guitar flamboyance and over indulgence is taken as necessary - enjoyed is the word. I like No Decorum and sometimes I think I shouldn't - why is that - who fuckin' cares. Good people doing it with correct reasons in mind - should I want anything more? The set is terse it feels - not to worry - I find it compliments what the crew deliver. You shall do for me chaps...and lass!

More transparent liquid - needs must!

The Crash Mats rise on swiftly produced sweat. Hard labour is the key and good casual string work of course. Tongues are in cheek - but not insultingly so. Boy this band drill harder with each view. Ouch me arse! Songs about subject matter such has drugs, Sega games consoles, drugs, watchmen, drugs...oh and drugs are injected into the atmosphere - with gusto - many get high. Bass wires wobble with relish, they are hefted high and low. The six strung spear is skanked and scorched - the guy looks comfy man. The drums do their duty - with beef, sweet time, unassuming aggressiveness. Is this poppoid punk? Is this good? First response - unsure, the second reply - yes, very good and ascending all the time. They were told 'only 3 songs' left, they got 4 and squeezed out a fifth - cheeky blighters. 2 spiked lasses sang along to the Bell End ooops sorry Bel Air vibe. T'was a saccharine and corn ending but I still love The Crash Mats.

Bah - more water - hooray - more jaw wagging!

Glue Ear - risen again from their own ashes. Suggestions that they were dead are quickly dispersed. It is good to re-witness this delivery. Sticks are new, the two at the fore the ever-reliable duo. I liked this band, I still do - this was smooth. A speed burst driven by tympanic terrorisation bled the band dry, many songs travelled deeper and further than before and highlighted depth and potential, there was that little 'X'tra factor that could put these in good stead for a merry old roll. 15 minutes in and a mad dash across the road to give my good lady the phone - kiss, kiss, love you - back in to the gaff. Glue Ear were strolling through the set with some advanced moments - they seem refreshed, they seem to have new ideas. I am intrigued - good tonight, better to come I suspect.

I hear a Dischord. Preparations have been made - impress me ye sonic seasiders. Roaring in, yet maintaining rhythm and clarity - denying the lack of sound on stage. This is multi-faceted chant, rant, rock, wreck and roll with trimmings to whet many an appetite for acoustic porn. I was aware of a sinister draw to the coastal ghost town and I wanted to stay free - aagghh. 'Seaside Suicide' insisted participation - I needn't to concentrate here. 'Recession' was urgent fist-pumping action - marvellous, more success and then...blip! Double blip - recovery needed - best song of the night - the name has drifted off into the mental mire - bastard. Cruising on - great band this 'Vote For No One' rams home this pertinent and exact point. I am a Dischord fan - care to disagree - I have an argument to beat you hands down - it is called a CD - 'The Wakes' - buy it, enjoy!

Pick up at 11.15pm - this is going to be close - here comes the last band.

Gunpowder Plot come as three -one of whom I know - a fine gent with a taste for technical tweakings. We agree and disagree on some sonic layers - we have a mutual respect - well I hope so anyway? One thing - this dude knows his pit, can play, and does so with passion - that will do for me. Tonight - exceptional - not just the Dazzle but the whole rhythmic razzle. What a fine band - so taut, so technical, so tuneful (with added tangent flavour). Time was rattling on, I was having this and absorbing the high exhilaration factor and sharp accuracy. Spellbinding to be honest - three men in a good zone rattling off a chosen sub-generic vibe and then...ding, dong, so long - off for the Fungal fruit - next time fellas!

Gig over. Game done. Result - success in the face of indifference. It may sound like a cheap victory but it isn't. Belief in small quantities is better than a room full of spiritless souls playing varied games. Home, food, bed - satisfied and still sonically hungry. Have that!

PS. This was a Star Wars themed night - a few made the effort which was nice - the music was more important however - as it always is! Well done to all!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (5 May 2013)