Up to the Thatched - yet again - for what looked to be a cracker. I arrived and Outlaw had just started and were in the middle of playing a quite excellent set. The crowd looked more than pleased with what they were getting and so they should as this lot work hard at their craft and put many an older band to shame. I hope the punk scene appreciate this lot for the noise they make instead of just patronising them with the kid vote because these are a very decent band. Hopefully they can carry punk forward in its truest sense and not get caught up in the 'we are bigger than them' game and all the financial fiasco that goes with it. A pleasure.

Next Roadkill who started off completely out of tune but slowly and steadily found their feet and finished well. Like a constipated turd when it does finally start to move it slips out with ease and maybe tension is an issue here. Once settled this trio of 'erberts plays well so maybe a more paced approach is needed rather that jumping into the 100mph onslaught. I enjoyed them anyway and appreciate their desire and enthusiasm which are a few points that will bode well for them in future gigs. Keep an eye on these three because with careful forethought before each gig they can only get better. Well done lads.

One Man Stand next and yes - again another belter. Better than last time I saw them and they were fuckin' excellent then. I remember when these 3 ageing dumplings seemed to lack direction and, like a faecal deviant, were just going through the motions. As mentioned for the previous band - a little planning and careful forethought have given OMS a real boost and they are reaping the rewards of hard work and commitment to the cause. As always 'Black Hole' shone but the whole set was just a joy and moved the entire evenings proceedings up a couple of gears.

Newly reformed Xtract next and despite the odd hiccup still gave a great performance with controlled aggression and excellent musicianship the order of the day. 'Blitzkreig Bop' and 'Blame it on the Youth' are obvious highs but in all honesty there wasn't a dud track here. Yeah - slip ups were made but experience can ride this and a certain ringcraft gets a good player out of the tricky situations and helps them on with the show. A real quality show here and definitely worth more viewings.

The crowd was slowly swelling and it was good to see a mixed crowd rather than the usual boat-races. A bit of cockney Rhyming slang there - talking of which...

The Concrete Gods next from darn sarth and a typical jellied eels deliverance here. Unrehearsed and with several members looking unconvinced this was the nights low point. Its all been done and despite the gallant efforts of the front man the whole set lacked conviction and accuracy. It weren't bad and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it - but there were a few who said it was shite - in truth it was a bit of both and with work who knows - check em' out and decide!

Lastly for me - Resistance 77. A great outpouring albeit a little too polished for me with everything running so smooth and delivered so well that you can't help appreciate the whole performance. A good band this and very well rehearsed - always worth a viewing and you are guaranteed an enjoyable night. The sound tonight was back to its best at The Thatched and this was a great night. I arranged a lift for 11.15pm and so missed R77's last few tracks and GBH. Never mind - my heart lies with the underdog and the top bands have enough support so without guilt I headed home happy after seeing some decent stuff.


review by OMD (4th November 2006)