A tough week it had been with the old kidney stones playing up and knocking several shades of shite out of me and leaving me a trifle fagged out.  Bleeding through the old pecker ain’t no fun and the pain these little fuckers cause is equally unenjoyable.  Prior to this gig also I had decided to play a couple of games of tennis which I thoroughly enjoyed much more than the bus ride into Manchester which depressed me and backed up my belief that the social arena is being taken over by a sub-culture of utter fuckin' scum. Teenage whores, knuckleheads, stone thick morons and just big-gobbed cunts are not the ideal company for a ride into town but it does seem this is a growing culture and the foul filth are happy to wallow in their self made ignorance. Off the bus and some cold air to clear the head I was glad to stretch my achey legs and wondered how the nights gig would go. The Queers in Manchester was a good draw I suspected and it looked as though the Diggle man would be in for another good gig. However two SAS faves were on this gig and I had high hopes that The Murderburgers and The Redneck Zombies would pull out two solid sets and make a small stand for the underdog. 

Arriving in good time a chat with the two aforementioned bands was enjoyed and a few 'Underdogs Morsels' CD's were sold (and a few more on the night - thank you all) and hopes were good of a solid night of entertainment. The crowd grew and those Zombified buggers with the flushed napes were up and ready to roll. This was good stuff and shows that even though the band don't take themselves over seriously they are worthy of a few gigs and many a punters time. Fast in parts, unhinged in others and quite tight in many areas I like this crew and frontman Bundies determined efforts to rouse the crowd were nothing less than enthusiastic albeit with minor success tonight. 'Undead Girlfriend', Hold Your Hand', 'OK', 'Dead City' and the five song medley all entertained as did the rest of the set and I think the band aroused enough interest to secure them a few more flings in Manc land. Essential to the bands cause is that they get a new CD recorded and spread their word and if not I may scrape out the old Fungal release and get peddling that again - my pleasure and you bastards - yours.

A few more CD's sold, a few chats and back in for The Murderburgers.

A-class surging power punk in all its glory here played by a band who have always been overlooked quality but are now fine-tuning with excellence and getting a bit more notice and credit. Tight, bright and without any fuckin' about this was precision execution to take note of and was lapped up by a crowd who seemed quite taken aback. The MB machine has been down this end a few times on gigs for myself and a few other rapscallions and all I can say is 'we told ya'. Top notch speed with nob-numbing number after nob-numbing number myself and many around me watched with glee as the musical mush was spread out before us with perspired belief. Bass trembled with pulsating energy, drums were twatted with intolerance and guitar was manipulated with sincere accuracy. 'Braindead' is always a good song with 'Double Take', 'Bottom Feeder', and 'Sickness In My Head' notable but what wasn't - a masterclass in underdog music. Nothing more to add and really no need to!

And so on to The Queers - the draw of the day. Many came, many saw and many I suspect went away happy with a show filled with quick ditty's, to the point riffology and some darn attractive tuneage. The lyrical theme throughout was as you know - girls, fun, drugs, booze, fuck you attitude etc. It is very much based on the three-chord trick with subtle extras and loads of energy in the noise with layers of clichéd strokes thrown in and catchy melodies to adore. Hailing from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA the band come across to these shores and certainly are confident in their chosen sub-generic art and know their stuff inside out. As the set progressed the crowd became active and at approximately 1 hour on stage I felt the band pulled off a strong, reliable performance without going overboard on flamboyance. Like a reliable old fighter who can tie up an opponent and dazzle with flashes of brilliance this won the favour of all the on-looking judges and the Queer trio fucked off with reputations in tact. Stand out track - no duds really but 'This Place Sucks' has a good attitude so wins the day.

Chits and chats afterwards with the fantastic spastic Drastic dudes (good folk) and away the Fungal fucker flew happy with a darn good gig put on by darn bad cunt - sorry Dean I just have to do it ha, ha. Seriously though cheers Dean at Slit and the Pumpkin dudes for making this happen and lets have more of the same please. Night and Day may be over-priced for us poverty stricken punkers but I gotta admit the venue and the sound work well. Adios and see you at the next one perusing punks!

review by OMD (4 March 2011)