Alas another TNS gig with several usual supects displaying their wares to the diminuitive punk populace. Having had a busy weekend already with a gig, rushing around here and there, a game apiece of badminton and tennis and trying to get together a fungal report and family duties (which come first ya bastards) I was feeling a trifle drained and a touch edgy to say the least. However I still made the effort to support this worthy night and planned to leave at 11pm as that was the expected finish time (allegedly).

Arriving at the venue early to do some much needed flyering I entered the veritable womb of the gaff and chatted with top bloke and punk afficianado Moz about various musical topics. Always full of little informative gems this fellar and if there were a few more 'erberts with this guys punk attitude then the scene would be thriving.

Time ticked on and more bands and faces arrived with salutations given accordingly. At 8.15pm One Man Stand placed the musical whores ankles in the stirrups of sound and set about their unique cervical smear of rhythm. Unlike last time the vaginal walls of melody remained almost unscathed as this 3 piece outfit (plus two aneroxic muslims or were they mike stands) deviantly prodded their way through a practice-like set. Loads of good songs on show as ever and a solid consistency displayed that I confidently expect from this accomplised trio. Best song - well I will leave it to you the reader tonight as I was quite chuffed with it all and I do harp on about this lot a little too much.

As the crowd became engorged with the blood of the masses the impressive semi- erection was noted and TNS were surely hitting the right erogoneous zones with the flyering foreplay.

Next up those young skanking jackanapes The John Player Specials who have a flowing melody that is quite delightful to hear and really do deliver the baby of ska quite professionally. As the waters break there are no cacophonic contractions here and a multitude of soothing sonic sprogs are exuded forth from a twat of tuneful tinkles. The prize placenta from this plethora of plectrum pleasing ditty's was a song by the name of 'Radio' (I think that was it's name) which was a real choice moment but in truth I would have to think hard to find a lowly point. The quality bass playing and steady drumming helped this performance no end as well and JPS can surely only go on to better things. A runt free set to say the least.

Chatting at the bar with the JPS drummers dad aided in helping me virtually miss The Dangerous Aces but what I did see showed a band who are now operating as a unit rather than four seperate entities thrashing away. Definitely getting better and the crowd seemed to enjoy it and nice to see for a band full of deserving 'erberts. I am expecting some real fallopian frolics of the highest order from this lot as the next (and first release) on CD should be a real rectal ripping rampage of rythmic rage. It certainly has taken some time and if the constipated wait produces a log worthy of the bands efforts then it will be worth it. Always a pleasure.

And lastly for me (because the fuckin' gig was over-running AGAIN) The Medicine Bow who fumbled along like a humping homo with brewers droop. The quality of songs were great and this is a band I would love to get on the next SAS but for me the sound punished this lot and Medicine Stu's inebriated antics hindered the flow of musical urine. Don't get me wrong it was still an enjoyable venture but there is a lot more in the accoustic anus here and a full blown musical fart was released in fits and spurts rather than one long heady drone of intoxicationg riffology. Shame really but always take your medicine to keep the blues at bay. Enjoyable but not 100% effective - similar in fact to letting a chicken peck off your genital pox (so rumour has it). Tired and bordering on an outburst on inane gibberish I fucked off home and missed the headline band, namely The Kirks - enter Dean of SLit Records to finish the review...

Next up and headliners The Kirkz take to the stage. With the time ticking on past 11 the lads don’t mess around and after a quick sound check they blast into their set intro song in front of the expectant crowd.

Another professional and tight set from the Macc Lads follows as they storm through 30 minutes of American influenced punk. Songs like The Revenge, State Of Emergency and Braindead get the place going and with a set ending with Ratz, Ace of Spades and Over The Top they leave the stage leaving the punters wanting more and wondering where the last half an hour had gone.

G-Man, Caesar and Ian produce the soundtrack and front man Max entertains with his “in yer face” approach which drives the show forward at pace. His connection with the audience makes you feel that you’re part of the gig and not just propping up the bar and his vocal technique fits in well with the overall sound although it was a little loud in the mix on this occasion.

The Rancid and Op Ivy influences filter through which might not be everyone's cup of tea but you can’t deny the energy and quality of this outfit. New recordings are needed to take this band forward which are planned for the end of this Month and as Max would say “you can’t beat us, so you might as well join us”. The Kirkz march on........

review by OMD (4 February 2008) and a bit by Dean of SLit at the end