A free night, a chance to support a fellow awkward promoter and also an opportunity to flyer a gig that would surely draw different faces. Dennis 'The OI' Matthews was the peddler for tonight (Ashton's most hated mad ha, ha) and after arriving we had a good natter about the murky machinations of the scene and the cunts who dwell therein. The punters started to arrive and many conversations were overheard regarding all the usual bands from the past and all the big tick box gigs coming up. I placed out 6 flyers at first to test the ground and at the end of the night they were still were I had put them. I expected a lack of interest but even I was sickeningly impressed by this blinkered view and disinterested stance for anything new and a lot more punk (if that word means a joy to most these days). Not to worry, fuck em' all, keep dusting down, keep striving for the new breed and accept the defeat on the jaw and spit blood in the faces of the fuckwits.

I'll be brief with this review, almost as brief as the punters were glancing at my flyers - bastards.

The Attic opened - initial thoughts were of a washed up wedding band going through their own sonic motions and playing to a crowd who only had the headline act on their mind. Very subdued both on and off stage at first with little to attract the eye or ear. The trio eventually got going and threw in a few good tracks that had more swing in the hips and more rhythm in the overall outpouring which, of course, increased the gumption factor. This was an initial viewing for me and so, as per, cannot be a definitive review (as if one ever existed) but the overall feeling was of a steady and safe set with little frill or thrill. Throw in a lead singer who will throw himself into the crowd and I reckon these long term bandits will thrive as a result. Best offering - an instrumental piece I do not know the name of. Fuck it!

Everyone dispersed, got their drinks, awaited the headliners whilst I chatted with Dennis about the previous bands flat showing and the punters almost zombified state.

So to The Rezillos, the long term quirky sub-futuristic oddballs doused in Day-Glo ideas and spitting forth numerous ditties without any profound political messages to worry about and brimming with 60's seasoning. Easy as you go fun from a testing new wave time when many angles were ascended and many sub-successes gained within certain melodic pits. Tonight the set was, I personally felt (like what all fuckin' reviews are based on), hit in part and miss in lesser quantities. Of course the mass in attendance couldn't care less as they were already won over before the crew hit the stage and eagerly lapped up the oncoming acoustic effluence like the salivating pigs they are. Vocals flipped from he to she and back again, strings were well trembled and drums kept good order with the odd stutter attack for added intrigue. A heap of songs came, as one would expect, from the bands album 'Can't Stand The Rezillos', with delights such as the Fleetwood Mac cover 'Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight', the Dave Clarke Five cover 'Glad All Over', 'Destination Venus' and '2000AD' plus the most famous of the bunch 'Top of the Pops' a song tonight I was particularly unimpressed with. Overall The Rezillos put their Scotch arses into gear, provided a good fruity show with the zest pleasing the crowd and the overall flavour fulfilling many desires. The stage show is busy and energetic and although in advancing years they worked up a decent sweat and swung with much considered melody. What more do people want..?

Well, this Fungalised twat wants the band to get some new shit out there (which they are doing in small doses I believe), to regenerate their noise and to put all their fans on the back foot. It would be nice if they watched the support bands and helped a few out along the way - it is our scene tha' knows - not yours. Also I'd like the punters caught in a time warp to come and sniff the arseholes of the new breed and tell me there ain't as much magic out there now as there was then - it is all about perspective and taking heed without prejudice and nostalgia blinding you. Sometimes I ask too much.

So done and home after saying farewells to Dennis, good old Sam the Egyptian and his good lady (nice to catch up again). Not a bad do but on I move, seeking out gutter noise, away from the masses, mixing with angular boys, and kick arse lasses (I hope). If you like old stuff though you wouldn't go far wrong watching The Rezillos - very entertaining but of course I could name 100's of bands who can provide such thrills - I just need your minds open and ready to accept - aaaggghhhhh!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (1 June 2014)