After a long busy day of protesting against austerity, some of the P4TH team preparing vegan grub for Peoples Kitchen and others preparing for the gig the evening kicks off at 7pm with an amazing vegan curry & fruit flapjack. Followed by an helping of Rum Direction who served up a fine set of Les Dawson inspired acoustic naughtiness which made the majority laugh and offend one or two others. Personally, as ever, I found him charming and very sing-alongable - as did most of the other punters. Rum Direction should be seen as part of our English heritage alongside seaside postcards and Carry-on-Films. In that spirit he is bloody good fun. I always did like Barbara Windsor's tits. They are even better set to a catchy punk rock beat.

Next course and to Silo 18. Top notch Pop Punk who are as tight as the proverbial weasel’s hole. These young un's did their thing with joy and enthusiasm which generated a good response from the vastly seated punters. Charisma and character spilled out of the band who won several punters over who probably wouldn't normally listen to the poppier element of punk. Good music is good music, good vibes are good vibes, Silo 18 produced both tonight. Well sung, well played and I well hope to see em' again. Well done.

Time for pudding in the form of Das Abyss serving us 30 minutes of old skool punk. Good solid stuff for old punk rockers to dance to. Generic yet not geriatric. There is an exuberance and freshness in Das Abyss who play punk cuz they enjoy playing punk and that in itself is infectious. This is the third time I have seen them with three different line ups. It’s the best I have seen them and I am interested in seeing how they develop.

It’s time for coffee. Black double expresso with loads of energy and edginess to get folk up and moving. That’s just what we get with The Pakt. Tight, solid, edgy, crafted, thoughtful and fucking rocking. The Pakt are great and they hit the mark. Most of the venue are up on their feet and moving to a band who give a shit. Hard as fuckin' nails in a Conflict kind of way. A raging, storming, runaway of a band hell bent on getting shit sorted. Fuck yes!

So loads of thank you's to ALL involved. Cooks, servers, bands, our very own sound man, punters etc. All proceeds again go to Casa Alianza for street children because “stopping cops killing kids is punk rock”.

review by Eagle Spits(2 June 2015)