After Peoples Kitchen where we partook of a great vegan curry and fruit crumble (for a suggested donation of £3.50) we partook of a great Punk 4 The Homeless gig (for a suggested donation of £3)

So first up Paul Carbuncle. Who kicks off with a great punk/folk acoustic tune 'Tom Paine's Bones', a classic little number done with passion. Obviously it's about that radical writer chap from Thetford and is as catchy as gonorrhoea. A good start then. Then an adaption of Phil Ochs' 'Here's To The State Of Mississippi', done as 'Here's To The State Of David Cameron' and great it is too. The original is awesome but Paul keeps the spirit of the original, updates it with passion and serves this old protest song up for a punk audience. 'Pig Farmer' is presented next which is a tune with an old English murder ballad feel but written by Paul himself. Another fine tune of sweet revenge. Another cover follows. This time 'The Boots Were Black' by local legend Cookie. A song about teacher Blair Peach who was murdered by the police on an anti National Front demo. Very different to the original (which I love) but valid nonetheless. Despite the fascism of Enoch Powell and the same crap existing in UKIP and the ilk 'The Rivers Of Blood Never Flowed' is a song delivered forcefully from a one man resistance with voice and acoustic guitar. I am not going to cover all his songs I have given you a feel (ooh err missus) and you can tell I loved his set. So skipping to the last song Paul did a splendid stripped down version of The Mob's 'Witch Hunt'. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Next out the traps is Benefit State who are spot on solid punkage. Catchy tuneage without being lame arse. Firstly they serve us a healthy slab of 'Cake' which is chunky but easy to swallow and there's much more to follow which we lap up. With a sound familiar to all you punkers Benefit State suck you in and then you realize these guys have a sound which might be familiar but it is stamped with their own individuality and charm. Benefit State carry on a traditional punk sound but carry it off well. A good mix of societal concern and non PC humour. 'Salford Girls' causes us to chuckle,'No Trust' causes us to think and Benefit State cause us to move our feet. It is obvious that Benefit State love playing punk and long may they continue to do so. A healthy punk rock diet of meat (substitute) and two veg.

Truth Equals Treason hits you like a smack in the teeth. Tremendous Old Skool anarcho hardcore punk (or something) with great songs, something to say and muscle to flex. Storming from the start with 'What War? Class War' which lets us know where they stand (and a couple of em' close on the 7ft mark). They are tight and fresh, muscular and raging, engaging and in your face. They cover the concerns a lot of punk bands cover but mean it and have us all on their side. They wear the colours red and black with pride. They make a couple of false starts which lets us know they are human and a sense of humour which lets us know we can dance in the revolution. I spend some time with Paul Carbuncle after their set discussing how bloody good they were. Get out and see them so you too can join the conversation.

PMT release the stress and give us a crafted set of defined, no nonsense punk fucking rock. On many occasions when a band has been around for some time they get a bit tired and jaded and appear to be going through the motions. PMT remain passionate, edgy, hungry and keen. These guys do it because its what they are into and it fucking shows. 'Internet Troll' tells the truth about those without a life giving shit to those who have. 'Ageing' is catchy and thoughtful and deals with the shit most of us old punks get. 'Politician' tells us about politicians trying to be Mr Nice and is done with sinister sincerity. And on it goes, class song after good class song played with hook-you-in enthusiasm and talent. PMT have layers, subtleties and textures so many bands lack. This gives them an intensity which locks onto your psyche and remains. And they get a couple of encores so I can't be alone in my estimation.

A big thank you to all for helping Punk 4 The Homeless help Street Children.

P.S. Casa Alianza UK have changed their name to Compass Children's Charity.

review by Eagle Spits(1 May 2016)