A long journey with two sat navs not working. London's a bugga. Then two buses and a long walk. We arrived at a football pub, complete with large screen TV and a table tennis table, to be greeted by a handful of the punk rock family and a couple of regulars. We waited until half-time then kicked the show off.

JD The Acoustic Anarchist - delivered a fine set of anger mixed with humour. In true community spirit most politicians were included in his ‘Nick Clegg is a Wanker’ with sing-a-long chorus. Tonight the hippy was in love so we were treated to a couple of love songs amongst the tirade against everything state related. Well crafted, well delivered acoustic anarchy like it says on the tin. Sweet as...

Spitune - The landlord didn't like us very much.

SkaPete The Uplifter - uplifting indeed. In the groove acoustic ska delivered with charisma. A chilled set with my fave of the set ‘Skinhead Not Dead’ letting the world know that skinhead is a way of life and anti-racist due to its origins. Simply beautiful. The punters appreciated the groove.

The Les Dennis Tribute Band - Two dread-locked youngsters making loads of noise with bass and guitar. Rough, noisy, energetic, unpretentious, funny, un-pc and fucking exciting. A great band all round. From songs about living off Tescos value food to songs about Rasta Mouse the LDTB had everyone engrossed and a little gob-smacked.

Born To Destruct - who have been great supporters and friends of Punk 4 The Homeless for the past 5 years and tonight kicked ass and got some folks off theirs and dancing. Tight as fuck with gruff as fuck vocals complete with extra chugginess. A well tasty set of punkiness which was devoured greedily by the hungry audience. Top notch but no Moose - get well soon mate.

The Fanny Pads - after being pissed off earlier by the landlady they were going to let her know in no uncertain terms (they even dedicated ‘Spunk Bucket’ to her) and let the audience know that tonight they were taking no prisoners. Fuck they were good. A raging, weight lifting bull with very large testicles full of riffs, beats, passion and a certain charm. Shut the fuck up and get in the pit – it’s the best place in London to be tonight. Excellent, just fucking excellent.

The Bucha Effect - First time I've seen this solid three piece ‘345 To Peckham’ and this train ain’t fucking stopping. Catchy punk stuff for sure but with a modern feel with a vocalist who reminds me a tad of Killdozer for some reason. They also remind me slightly of Husker Du, which is a feel more than a sound thing. Whatever my ramblings they are a fine bad and I cant get ‘Disposophobia’ out of my head. Go check em’ out yourselves.

That is it, the nights over apart from a few more beers and JD's amusing argument with the landlady and one of her minions. So thanx, love and respect to Alex Lyng who organized the gig, top fella indeed (and has helped P4TH for close on 5 years), all the bands, the Mrs, the punters. Hopefully see you at our 10th birthday bash. If the world has stopped treating its poorest children as shit then we will be doing it for another cause. If not we will continue to help street children. Happy birthday Punk 4 The Homeless, r.i.p. Bob Booth, the Punk 4 The Homeless family will see you on the other side dude.

review by Eagle Spits (4 May 2015)