I love the Mansfield punk scene, they turn out and actually watch the bands, although tonight they had traveled from all over for another great gig organized by Lenny Hoggets, a fine chap and a fine promoter indeed sire.

Eagle Spits then, much the same routine, turn up and tell people off in a loud voice. Although Eddie Rose from Saving Strike was with him who played a fine set of tunes cocked up by Eagle Spits. However a song was placed into Lenny Hoggets head which he is struggling to shift, so job done.

KING OF PIGS - solid as you like hardcore punk. Well played tuneage with grand stage presence. In the early to mid 80’s when American punk was flexing its muscle and becoming hardcore (still bloody punk rock to me) King of Pigs were being breast fed the stuff, it helped em’ grow noisy, muscular and hyperactive and develop a masculine voice. Good job too, tonight they were great and not a pretentious bone in the toned body. Rip off the shirt, don the shorts and get in the pit. Cooome on!

Electric Shite Orchestra - I recently referred to E.S.O as Punk on 45 v Slaughter and the Dogs so being contradictory they chuck another couple of their own tunes in the set, ‘Camel Toe’ and ‘The Tuning Up Song’. Still diesel oil soaked, unhinged and a step in the right direction. They also do a Riot Squad cover and are joined onstage by Chiz Shakespeare which went down well. It’s good to see this young band developing. I like the covers cuz I like a bit of a sing-a-long but covers bands aren’t my usual bag so it’s great to see em’ doing some of their own stuff.

The Rutherfords - melodic, up-tempo, bouncy punk rock. Tonight they were as tight as a screeching weasel’s anal scent gland. Loads of humor but with solid punk rock tunes to match. They obviously much appreciate their pop punk and Ramones record collection but that’s no bad thing and theres no going through the motions. The band obviously love making their noise and are having a great time, which in return gives the audience a spring in their step and a ray of sunshine coming from behind the bar. It’s party time in The Rutherfords household and I love songs about girls.

THE NERKS - A couple of years ago I did a poetry tour of Illinois and Indiana and during discussion with fellow punkers I learnt that several USA bands had covered ‘GLC’ by Menace, I didn’t understand this. Why would American punks want to sing about The Greater London Council? Tonight I realize it’s simply a great song and works fine as The Nerks opener. Energetic and in your face, with no holding back for the next 30 minutes. They chuck another cover in the set tonight which works splendidly too, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight’ (yes it was originally Fleetwood Mac) and the place is heaving and sweaty. Their own stuff is as full on as a full on full on thing and elements of menacing skinhead terrace anthems permeate their set. Songs include ‘Back Stabber’, ‘Take Control’ and ‘One Man Riot’. There’s a Cockney Reject, Cock Sparrer feel to the band but if they had been around earlier enough to make it onto No Future Records they would have been up there with Attak and The Violators and One Way System but in 2013 they produce a set with these obvious influences but which is still as exciting as the early 80’s were. Top notch performance, top notch noise, top notch, keep on keeping on.

SEPTIC PSYCHOS - I can’t review The Septics without sounding sycophantic they are just too good and I can’t fault em. At one point during their set I went for a slash and saw punks sitting chatting in the bar, why? Why would you not stand and watch a band that were so damn good, I don’t get it.  Many years experience and it’s no wonder they speed off like a well oiled precision machine. Chiz does not let up, guys invade the stage and the passion is spat out by the bucket full. The songs can’t be bettered although I do have my favorites – ‘Armchair Activist’, ‘Two Wrongs Make a Riot’ and ‘Psycho Vigilante’. Septic Psychos aren’t capable of writing a bad song or playing a bad gig. I have said it before now I am going to repeat myself - If you’ve been playing punk for years at this level you definitely ain't doing it for the dosh. The genuineness, belief and passion greases and shines the engaged torso of Septic Psychos and it’s topped by intelligence and humor they might be telling you to ‘Buy Some Shit’ but they ain’t going to swallow or produce any. Oh yes, the audience loved em’ too.

RESISTANCE 77 - Been around for years and love their punk rock. They entertain the throng and are energetic and engaging. For some reason this was the first time I had seen em’ and with an EP called ‘Spirit of Saint George’ I was a bit wary of their politics. I was relieved to see the front guy wearing a Septic Psychos ‘Not Racist Just Bald’ shirt. This enabled me to chill a bit and enjoy the band. Full throttle old school punk. Loads of people on the stage enjoying the set.  I loved the sing-along of ‘True Punk and Oi’.  The elements of Angelic Upstarts, Cock Sparrer and Cockney Rejects pleased my old punk  rock heart and there’s a slight trace of something which reminds me of The Alarm, which I also like. To be honest I have never understood patriotism but for some reason it doesn’t disturb me as much as it used to, so I will just say that as a band they rocked hard in an early punk /oi kind of way. They  sang against normal punk stuff, the police, the government etc. and lamented the loss of good times on the terraces.
And finally

3CR - The Les Dawson of the punk rock world - oooh err Mrs. I first saw these guys about 8 years ago whilst I was eating my breakfast in a club house in my campsite in Morecombe during Rebellion Festival weekend. At 10.30 in the morning nursing a hangover I thought they were great, funny as… I liked em’ so much I booked em’ for that years ‘Doin It For The Kids Fest’. They were great at that too. Eight years later they raise a couple of smiles from me, ‘Club Me Like a Baby Seal’ and ‘Thieving Scouse Bastard’ amuse me but overall their songs haven’t got the staying power of fun bands like Splodge or Toy Dolls. Both of which I listen to on a very odd occasion. Jokes eventually lose their potential once you know the punch line. If you haven’t seen or heard 3CR go and see em’, you may well like em’, you may well laugh, you may even be offended (which I like) but if you have seen em’ then you know what to expect. They haven’t changed. Decent enough musicianship but some new jokes needed. Viz meets Carry On whilst watching Les Dawson play 3 chord punk rock. They performed far better than I did on the night so I will stop winging.

review by Eagle Spits (3 February 2013)