A busy week (what's new) finally ended with a trip to Joshua Brookes for another That's Not Skanking presentation. As always the value for money on offer was startling and it is beyond me why these gigs aren't packed to the rafters.

I met Dean of SLit records at the venue and first up were frantic skankers The Fractions.

The veritable bees nest poked with a stick this busy stage band really are buzzing at the moment and with the honey-coated songs that drip with sweet melody there is still plenty of sting in this outfit to rattle the arse of the most indifferent punter. 'Choices' and 'Missing Piece' were noteworthy but the whole set was high standard stuff and The Fractions just seem to be on one, long high at the moment. A nice touch is that they also don't give a flying fuck as to where they play and open up shows whenever needed as well as playing the occasional headliner too.

Next a new band to me by the uninspired name of The Computers. Well if the band name lacked any mind bending forethought the music certainly didn't. This was exceptionally good and a rock 'n' roll, quirky, chirpy strut to savour. Difficult to actually pigeonhole (which is no bad thing) the expresso energy and full on zest resulted in a startling performance of tight, ear-splitting riffs combined with a smattering of hardcore yelling and searing rock 'n' cock guitar. The Rick Moranis look-a-like who led the assault interacted well with the crowd and looked offbeat enough to be reminiscent of that unhinged US genre bands like the The Briefs do so well with. A real good band worthy of anyones time.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man came next and despite a few knock backs regarding line-ups this was a real cracker that was nearly on par with when the band was firing on all cylinders. Maybe a few strokes short of a fully throbbing engine this was mighty impressive and the inclusion of guitarist Matt is a real choice move. This guy is a real registered nut (or bloody well should be) and the on-stage gurning and frivolous flamboyance adds another flavour to a band bordering on the mentally crippled. Its a frenzied show and all 4 members contribute to the final mayhem with a swell of super songs thrown in. 'Awful, Awful Business', 'Becky Want', were 2 choice cuts from a meaty set. A very likeable bunch too and the fun-filled fervour soon transcends across to the crowd. Great stuff.

Buzzkill are a band I saw recently and was slightly unsure of. Not tonight as this was 100% on the button with each and every song delivered with swaggering efficiency and cool-handed stagecraft. A quote from their myspace site sums up the band as thus - 'They play what I guess is rock and roll, but not that fruity shit the Swedes in suits play, fast fucked up punk rock and roll that makes kids dance and scenesters flip their bowl cuts'. A fair estimation I suppose but there is more to it than that. This is a classy outfit who construct quickfire songs that blaze intensely and blend guitars, sax, trumpet and drums almost perfectly creating their own unique brand of brass 'n' blast disorder. I like the fact I was unsure first time around because it keeps me on my toes to give a band real scrutiny next time and this lot passed the fungal test with flying spores. A jolly good do and I really must get to hear more.

And finally with time running out for yours truly Dog Toffee hit the stage and I watched 4 numbers when the 11pm buzzer went off and I went to meet my missus outside. Save turning into a turnip and to make sure I get up for work I left Dog Toffee thumping out their usual hard-edged blend of rock 'n' riot to the audiences delight. What I saw was as good as expected and a nod of approval is given. TNS pulled it off tonight in grand style and all bands played their part in a cracking night of entertainment.

Great bunch 'o' lads doing their vital bit for the punk scene and with a TNS compilation in the offering and loads more gigs I hope success comes thier way. It would be well deserved and if you like your music live and loud and totally unpretentious get down and support That's Not Skanking!

You may even enjoy the piss-flavoured coke too - aagghhh!

review by OMD (3 December 2007)