Back to The Globe after a little bit of confusion with a possible venue change. The Globe was confirmed as the the venue for the latest punk rock extravaganza in Carlisle.

First up were All Hail The Thief not strictly punk but not bad with more hardcore/screamcore metal but with definate punk influences. I'm not a big fan of total screamcore bands but these lads shared the vocals around so it wasn't all screaming. They seemed to have the balance right and he crowd seemed split about 60-40 against them but I thought they were ok.

The Lobotomies hit the floor and these lads are punk from head to toe hailing from Northern Ireland they play high octane 100mph punk with songs about religion, wanking and CCTV things that probably feature in quite a few punk songs if you think about it. A class act who will hopefully cross the Irish sea again soon.

Up next The Guilty Pleasures and this was the third time in Carlisle but for one reason or another I had missed their other 2 gigs which was my loss because this was a quality set from start to finish. Song after song spat out with passion and no lack of pride to a crowd who took a bit of warming up but by the end we had a few souls jumping about. Top numbers for me were 'Stand Up And Stop The Fighting' and 'Their Army,Their War' which dare I say it has classic written all over it. Another good night with a crowd which was probably down on the last gig maybe due to being the week before Rebellion or the venue change but those who didn't make it missed a great night. See for up and coming gigs and get down and support the underdog bands and promoters.

review by Dave Bell (4 August 2008)