Destination - Star and Garter: Date - 29th March 2015: Objective - To share sherry, listen to good vibes, chat with good people: Reason: Why the hell not!

Arrival time, approx 16.00 hours. Initial wags of jaw pleasant, initial slurps of ale equally so. Once more a severe restraint on the glugging tackle is had, pissed is not an option. Continuous jesting, rebellious festival niggles forced upon one by two mischievous imps - note to self - kick imps up arse on next occasion! The bald one appears, T-shirt, jeans, smile and usual air of positivity - verdict - a good chap. Enough is enough - upstairs for the first band.

Artistes: Born To Destruct: Seen many times before, enjoyed in huge lumps, sometimes not, in tiny chunks. Initial impressions, tight, rocking with focus, all areas totally under control. Songs come and go - distinct consistency throughout. Relentless pounding, a motif built on chugs, gruff vocals now more relaxed, success levels rise. Many good tunes - set with higher grade of accomplishment. Is this the best showing I have witnessed yet - it is a close call. BTD have muscle, have found a firmer place to plant their feet. Only gripe - request to remove penis from lower garments refused, when told they were shit they responded with little venom - wake up chaps, wake up - love sausages and loud sonica are a great combination. Top Ditty: - 'Punk As Fuck' - a classic that ascends with sanguinity! Final analytical score: 80%!

Weaving, wandering, waffling. Down and back up.

Artistes: The Kingcrows: Also seen on numerous occasions, progression made totally joyous, attitude as sweet as! A band to give pride, a band to adore. Instant thoughts - impressive, alluring, acoustically fiery. Once more a band on the curve upwards, grasping the shaft of confidence and nailing a fine tuned performance. Stagecraft animated, sub-generic suggestions plentiful, output varied enough to capture incessant interest. Colourful frontman is a joy, backed by players of genuine quality pedigree. A complete lack of fucking about, a total gush of piling power - solid option. The route direct, sing-a-long moments profuse, triumph in massive proportions. Key to success - all sonic subject matter is non-too profound, easy come, easy go rock and roll, executed via fully submerged minstrels - I like that! Top Ditty: - Overload, to pick is beyond comprehension - all classics and all to enjoy! Final Analytical Score: 90%.


Artistes: 4 Past Midnight: And yet another familiar crew, albeit with slight line-up change. From go to goodbye fuel injection level is max. Robust and rip-roaring, the notch is turned up as well as thermality levels. The room crackles, sizzles and comes further alive - noise issued is brutal. 4PM take no prisoners, each component is well versed, raring to cut the throat of the ignorant. Waterproof set, only leakage is blood and sweat based, onlookers gag...for more. Power slaps, thunderclaps, no mishaps, high voltage, hurtful produce. Zeniths attained are high in total, the unity of the players is mightily astounding, I remain absorbed throughout. Top Ditty: - 'Any Other Way' - a behemoth amongst giants! Final Analytical Score: 95%

And so to the headliners...

Artistes: Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions: A second viewing, this worthy outfit had my rapt attention. Sonic spirits soaring, songs came, songs were aflame - oh yes. String break - literally, back on track. Instant slammer after slammer with 'Crossfire', 'XR3', 'Another Nail In Childhoods Coffin' all hitting the appreciative zonal areas - wham, wham, wham! The set had thrills, had spills, the room was alive. Stringmen poured in their all, the hitter of membranes pounded with pride whilst the vocal yokel at the fore postured, posed, poked and prodded with tongue in cheek and crank levels turned to setting warped. The latter end came, greeted and treated to hollers, the finale and an encore - well what more would one expect? A more than decent do methinks, upwards seems the way things will go - crossed fingers are the result. Top Ditty: - 'DNA Failure' - a straight talking shit fling. Final Analytical Score:- 90%.

Thanks to all. Good wishes to STP and the bands, love to the crowd , especially the ones that shared wordage - I need to sign out before I slip and make a verbal faux pas - it is within the programme, it must be held in check...positivity is high, I shall sign off happy. Over and fuckin' out! [static]................

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (30 March 2015)