After two gigs the day before, a good dose of wine drinking and finding that the financial situation is hardly flourishing I was debating at the last minute whether to go to this gig or not. I'd said to Dean Diggle the promoter I'd go though and as I hate letting people down I scraped myself off the sofa after a day shopping with my missus and young un' and made the effort. Was it going to be worth it or a severe let down? We shall see!

Arriving in good time I chatted with top, top punk connoisseurs and general good 'erberts Trev and Graeme as well as nattering with Ste from Flat back Four about the perils of having a big gob, a penchant for the ale and promoting punk rock with honesty and passion - a recipe for disaster let me tell ya! I had a bit of a roll as per usual and stated my opinions on a few bands who are overpriced and basically crap and not punk. Ste disagreed and smiled politely - poor bugger ha, ha!

As is the norm with Dean's gigs the first band came on late and after him telling me that the headliners would be on very late we agreed I wouldn't pay in and fuck off after the second band. Fair enough methinks and thanks to Dean for being understanding but a kick in the scrotum for being a laid back bugger who needs to learn the intricacies of time-keeping ha, ha. As it turned out things got back on track and I gave Dean a tenner after all so no worries all round. How things got back on track was by cutting the opening acts set times and to be honest that didn't bother me one bit as my idea of punk always leans towards the short, sharp 'always leaving you  wanting more' kind of style.

Girlfixer came and went in a 20 minute flash and gave a performance that signified a good punk/rock outfit who, like a withering cows fanny, are getting tighter and like being bummed by a well hung donkey, are making quite a lasting impression. Apologies for going all farmyard there - a Freudian slip and a flashback to my days of debauchery with Old MacDonald’s missus and pet Collie. Back on track and this was a striking set for 4 major reasons - the guitarist is a solid performer who is having a good time and happy to share it, the drummer hits with a passion and looks the part of rock chick with a stick (or two), the bassist is the adhesive property and sticks in the noggin' big time and the frontlass has her own identity, looks the part and has a gob to chill the most rancid fish-wife (all offence meant ha, ha). Seriously though it is a solid combination and the songs hit all the right chords albeit not as terse as I suggest they should be. The second time I have seen these dudes and dudettes this year and both times I have been mightily impressed - just keep on climbing upwards.

The Roughneck Riot I knew of but knew nothing of if you follow. Feedback on the circuit had been sparse but then again I hadn't really been seeking any and Dean knew as little as me so when the Riot did indeed start we marvelled at what a bloody good show it was. Celtic folky punk was what we got and was  played at speed with relish by a band capable of holding their own in much bigger pits of peril. The crowd, whom I suspect, in the main were newcomers to this band fuckin' lapped it up. The influences in the mix are obvious and don't need mentioning and after coming across a few CD's of this ilk lately it seems this sub-generic puke is enjoying a slight renaissance and being noted by more than the passing and pissing few. I liked the saturated sound and general zeal and will be checking out this squad again soon - you should do so too.

Finally the hoo-ha and the build up was all for one band and one band only. The crowd were here for the Street Dogs and a fair crowd it was. 88 payers before the band took to the stage and for a Monday night in Manchester up against The Members and following a busy weekend of gigs I think Dean can take pride in a good effort. As for the bands performance well 'utter shit' springs to mind but only because I am an awkward punk rock cunt who likes to keep people on their toes. In reality and truth it was a first class operation executed by an outfit who once they start rolling gather no moss or dross whatsoever. The crowd were played delightfully by the frontman and responded accordingly. The songs were articulate, political and full of spunk and in many parts surged with adrenalin and professional power. The part were a couple of slower numbers were played hindered progress for me and was a personal blip which I guess is a minority feeling but this is a punk review so am entitled to it! Overall though faultless and as tight as fuck and enjoyed by everyone. They come highly recommended and go with their name in tact with many new fans all awaiting their return - you can't add much more can you. Oh the few covers were crackers and kept the flame blazing perfectly. A full heavily perspired set - have it!

So another night at the Star and Garter and I loved it.  I am doing a few too many gigs lately and so need to take it easy and consider my two good lady's who understand my passion but don't need hammering with it. Look Manc 'erberts you have a good scene going and as long as you stay neutral and love all aspects of punk you should be strutting around in a state of permanent arousal - good times for music and Fungal is on the outside and can’t be at every gig for fucks sake - go on spill yer punk guts out.

review by OMD (30 March 2010)