A last minute decision to attend a last minute gig was had as we 3 punkers headed to The Soundhouse in Bolton for 5 bands one of which we would miss due to the gig over-running. A poorish crowd was had but promoter Gamberro salvaged something and at least got the bands playing to a few 'erberts (nice one man).

So to the bands.  Well a bit of punk rock pissing about caused a slight delay which is par for the course these days and so not unexpected. First up came a new one for me called Liberation. A young skanking crew who started off quite timidly but gained in confidence and threw out some solid numbers along the way. The pace was medium throughout with a few adept touches showing that these guys have potential. 'Wake Up Call' started nervously but picked up a treat and caught my Fungalised ears as did 'Preacher' with its brief flash of a chorus that no sooner came and pleased and then was gone. The only gripe was that the few in the crowd didn't stick around throughout the set and wandered in and out regardless of the sweet tunes being offered - bah!

Luvdump next and a band I was very uncertain of the last time I viewed them but was more confident with after reviewing a CD of theirs. The mix is a skacore splattered with reggae overtones with power surges that leave me undecided and skank that leaves my mind made up of a good band. Andy Dazzler was on drum duties tonight (the blasted whore) and did a fine job. The band executed all numbers nicely but I still need another viewing to make an accurate verdict. At this stage it’s a definite case of maybe/maybe not!

Lowlife UK hopped up next and sent the crowd fleeing to the back of the room with their natural full on punk outburst that was the best of the night. A very tight unit who know each other inside and out (not sexually I hope) and this deserved more attention than it got. Best band - least interest - seen it before and some things don't change. From 'Let's Have Another Beer' through to 'Fuck You' and 'Ugly And Proud' there was no let up in intensity and the band played a fuckin' cracker. 'You Call It Punk, I Call It Shit' was a sweet song dedicated to yours truly and rounded off another grand outing by these Leeds based lunatics. Got to mention the front guy Beaker who threw in another good performance undeterred by the distance between stage and punters - solid mate, solid!

Finally for us it was the turn of Italian skankers The Offenders. Funny how people make an extra effort to watch if the band is from abroad - lick, lick. Well they started with the best crowd of the night at the front and whittled it down to a measly sweet fuck all by the end of their set. A static performance that was lost in this spacious venue, The Offenders did nothing for me whatsoever and I thought were the poorest band of the night. As I said, the venue just didn't suit their style and they looked a trifle dejected before they even started. Being unfamiliar with the band only two numbers were recognised, these being skanky covers of 'I Fought The Law' and 'Teenage Kicks' - not bad but not direct and hitting enough and surely a band that would be better suited to a small backstreet dive with a solid sound system. I asked my little un' and missus what they thought and shakes of the head confirmed my opinion.

Enough was enough and time was ticking on for we three wee busy bees and so we headed home in the cold night, tired and of split opinion about the nights goings on. A funny old venue with a funny old mix of bands that were hard to assess as a package. There you have it - brief but reviewed all the same - cheers to Gamberro for his efforts and showing you can be a pisshead on any night of the week, not just Saturday ha, ha!

review by OMD (30 January 2010)