Asezawallas were 1st on stage and this was the first time I've seen them. I had never heard much of their stuff apart from their Myspace page but I wasn't disappointed. These are one of them bands you can listen to without knowing a song and they impressed from the start. Very tight and tuneful with a good stage presence the 3 men all doing their bit with the vocals and the lass on the stix sounding very powerful indeed. I've been in contact with them to get hold of any demo's they may have and I would advise anyone reading this to do the same - great stuff.

Next up The Scabs and after talking to Geezer before the start he stated he was concerned about the size of the crowd and he told me Penetration were due on at approximately 11.15pm so expected a few to turn up later - (more fool them because they missed a stormer from Asezawallas and a possible great Scabs set). Here is the story of the night - The Scabs set as usual was powerful stuff with 'Blades Beat Fists' setting the stall. Geezer was as menacing as ever on stage with the 3rd song in 'Stalker'. Still no hint of any problem I was at the bar getting a pint as 'Stalker' drew to a close when Geezer thanked the crowd and left the stage. I say crowd because by now the place was packed with students celebrating Freshers Week some of who were up and dancing and enjoying the Scabs. I know some were impressed and not just taking the piss because they asked me who the band was. They were mostly young and if just one of them comes to see the Scabs again thats a good thing. Talking to Geezer he said he had been told to leave the stage by someone from Penetration because they wanted to play to a big crowd. This didn't go down too well and Penetration and Pauline Murray in particular were by now getting some stick as The Scabs left the venue and the arguments continued outside.This all left a sour taste in the mouth for me and a few others still inside with talk of punk rock ego's. By now the students had all left on their pub crawl so taking the Scabs off had backfired anyway. On came Penetration to a very subdued crowd and Pauline Murray apologised for what had happened and denied any Penetration involvement in dragging The Scabs off stage. Geezer came back in and watched the set so I can only guess from this that he didn't blame Penetration for what happened - some twat must have been trying to take the piss but no one seemed to know who it was.

So to Penetration who knocked out a very subdued set which was very good but they just seemed to want to get through it and leave and in truth who can blame them because if they don't know what happened I'm sure the night was spoiled for them also. Another apology to The Scabs and Penetration were off with no encore.

All in all an eventful night spoiled by some idiot but a great set from Asezawallas and The Scabs whom both will be back - bigger and better - no doubt about that.

Review by David Bell (1st Oct 2007)