OK, first band up, EXIT THE NETWORK. A newish band, only their third gig, so a new band and new songs. I enjoyed em', they were somehow like Joy Division but with more (feedback drenched) guitar. They enjoyed playing and were enthusiastic and the songs were good if a little samey. Quite original and rather good, more please, keep it up.

SOD'S LAW are another new band, the material very different to EXIT, more of a politicized simplistic UK82/Crass feel. The ten year old drummer (son of the guitarist, Rich) bashed along like a real pro, the group on the whole were OK, don’t think the singer could hear the rest of the band too well and there were a few timing problems as a result, the material was a bit clichéd but they should definitely carry on. The line up is due to change as frontman returns to Ireland soon, keep at it chaps there's a space for you. A promising platform to build on well done, enthusiasm and attitude win over musicianship which should never be a barrier.

THE REVERENDS are clearly getting BIG in Derby as the room was at it's fullest for their spot. Yet another angle on what we call punk, they were very original, catchy at times, danceable with sing-along choruses. Lead singer Frank is an excellent front man and excellent to watch (and read!) with his, at times, spastico shapes. As well as being anthemic at times they are also quirky and interesting. Somehow a mix of old and up to the minute sounds. Very, very good and deserve to do well.

FEEB ( I don't review my own band therefore this entry was submitted by Pubs McWreckthegaff of SOD'S LAW, thanks Pubz!

Feeb had a lot to live up to as they are basically the well loved and respected Criminal X with a different singer. They didn’t disappoint and went down really well with the crowd. Powerful songs with very strong choruses this band will appeal to many people into different genres of Punk. They really do have a lot going for them. They are very tight live and I expect to see them getting a name for themselves as a top live band. The energy they give off should get even the most stubborn crowds going. 

SENSELESS - This band were booked as the main draw due to their reputation and experience.  Always an excellent spectacle, Moz, (their leader) has years of gigging which is evident with his moves, playing and presence. High octane street punk delivered with charisma style and humour, crowd participation demanded and received by a sadly dwindled audience (where/why the fuck did they go?) Three of four numbers in they were in full swing and carried on to the end with fantastic showmanship, playing as if to a thousand people rather than a handful. Always a genuine joy.

All in all a good night, a good little venue. At the end of the day a free gig on a Sunday night in a city centre boozer with four local bands and a rebellion standard headliner wasn't the right combination, turn out seems to be a thing of the past and obviously the alternatives of Eurovision and soccer aid were too much. Those who didn't attend missed a top night out of underdog music, perhaps the warm weather caused people to spend the earlier part of the day barbecuing food (and themselves) and soaking up sun and alcohol to the point of apathy toward local music. Those who attended enjoyed it and then bands certainly did, they will continue to play to one another and their friends and families because , hey , that's what they do!

review by Jon March (28 May 2012)