Bradford’s flashest and most modern venue, namely The Gasworks was the host of tonight’s Fungalpunk/OMD spectacular.  Upon arrival the gaff was quite empty which showed off its spaciousness and subtle nooks and crannies.  Eventually bands and punters arrived and Outlaw rattled off their set with a precocious ease that was in all honesty – frightening.  Composed and assured this was what comes of practice and enthusiasm.  With the gigs Outlaw are getting at the moment and a strong driving force in dad these lot can only go further in this punky genre’.  Every song was delivered with youthful brilliance and only the Sham cover ‘If The Kids Are United’ was a downer.  ‘Black Flowers’ was a good cover that had enough of their own influence to make it noteworthy.  Bloody good stuff.

Next Boredom who despite an initial glitch with Andy’s guitar strap (small straps and beer guts – not a great combo) produced another solid set.  Andy Dazzler is now settled on drums and provides a solid foundation on which the others can build.  Danny fronts the outfit well and confidently vomits forth a lyrical delight.  ‘Lowlife’, ‘Brainiac’, and ‘What’s She Got’ were highs in a soaring set and this lot are always value for money.  With the venue filling all the time this was a nice greeting for all newcomers.

Next Crouch Mog who produced their best set to date.  Tight, well crafted and superbly synchronised this displayed a gusto and sharpness worthy of a quality outfit -  which indeed the Moggymen are.  Andy Dazzler (yes – him again) played a stunner and it was a pleasure to see him fitting well into the Mog’s crew.  ‘Spit’, ‘Buddha’, ‘Direct Reference’ and ‘Ordinary Life’ were class in this faultless performance and surely Crouch Mog are among Britain’s most talented bands.  I am proud to assist these guys in all they do and their attitude and commitment is a delight.  Cheers lads.

Churchill opened up with a weak number but soon rattled off another Oi onslaught of the highest order.  This is fuckin’ awesome shit and already I am convinced that these lot are the top OI boys around.  Why – well name another OI band that gigs so often and produces quality set after quality set?  Point made!  ‘Revenge’, ‘This Ones For The Skins’ and ‘Steamin In’ stood out from a hardened lesson in aggression.  Check out these guys soon or miss out on something very special.  The new album promises to be a classic too.  OI, OI, OI.

Lastly the UK Subs.  Need I go on? Well it was the usual high class stuff with all the usual faves.  ‘Down On The Farm’ was a nice surprise and with the emaciated Brian still banging out the bass beat, an enthusiastic Jett on guitar, an accomplished drummer in Jamie and frontman Charlie in steady form this was a recipe for success – and indeed it was.

A couple of encores and the night ended and everyone in attendance was in agreement that this was a fantastic punk rock evening at a brilliant venue.  Max (Landlord) has a diamond in his pocket here and hopefully there are a few more punk gigs in the pipeline.  Everything about the place was class with the sound exemplary and the ambience excellent.  All bands played well and the support acts were well watched (which is good for me). 

A great gig and here’s to another one soon.

review by OMD (28 July 2006)