Oi! Oi! Oi!

If I write no more then that should be enough.  A brace of bands were on show tonight that epitomised Oi in all its glory.  New young bucks filled with enough enthusiastic energy and sanguine spirit performing on the same bill as the long established kings of Oi The Cockney Rejects.  What more can an old herbert ask for?  Free drinks all night and a lifetime supply of pies maybe?  Back to the review.  As Uriah Heep says many times 'In my humble opinion' this was going to be a cracking night.  Several beers (as usual) and round the back into my favorite venue.  The buzz is very optimistic and we all wonder will The Rejects be playing all the old classics.  Its a long time since I brought that first Greatest Hits album volume 1 (20 odd years I think) but I still think the songs are timeless.  The nostalgic essence of 'Badmans' opening guitar and the blistering brutality of 'Ready to Ruck' bring back some great images.  Volume 2 an equally classic album with my personal faves being 'Oi, Oi, Oi' and 'Rocker'.   The latest album I was not initially keen on but with sound advice (cheers Dave (Spittin' Dummies guitar hero)) and persistence I now think its a good piece of work.

After an age Shotgun Solution were up and at it.  It now goes without saying I suppose that this was a fine performance (See other reviews), but they were great.  To make fast, high octane music look simple is no easy accomplishment but I think this trio of turbulent rockers do just that.  It certainly isn't Beethoven that we see being performed but pure Oi/streetpunk delivered at its basic, unpretentious best.  Once again cheers for 'Rich Scum' and a generally wicked performance.  Maybe a suggestion for a future T-Shirt slogan should read - Shotgun Solution - Honest to the Core?  It says it all.

After a few reports from various chums regarding Shotguns performance it was now the time of the main act - The Cockney Rejects.  From the first to the last this set was amazing.  'Badman', 'Police Car' and 'Out of the Gutter' were absolutely fantastic as were every track, with Mickey Geggus' guitar work sounding awesome.  The whole place came alive to the guts of The Rejects music which contained spirit, belief, energy and passion in abundance. The still not old Jeff Turner looked real up for this and enthused and shadow boxed throughout the entire set.  The bassist (Tony I think an upstarts man) and the drummer were more than capable contributing to the entire cacophony.

Hammered and encapsulated by the whole spectacle me and my mates took to the floor and gave it our best.  Unluckily we didn't last too long for after a brief grapple and pogo I lost my footing dragged my mate Banjo down who in turn seemed to pull the entire dance floor to its knees.  Poor Banjos shades got busted (sorry mate) and my little finger got bent all ways after some heavy footed lunk jumped on it.  Hey ho - its all good fun though.  Ruffled and calmer I watched the rest of the set and jigged away on the boundaries of the action tending my ever-swelling pinky.  Ouch.

The set ended and everybody raved about what a great gig we had just witnessed.  Me and my missus had a chat to Mickey Geggus outside and complimented him on a great job - what a mild mannered man.  Overall I was quite chuffed with the evenings proceedings and felt honored to witness such a solid performance. 'Join the Rejects and don't get yourself killed!' Why?  Because you can go see them again - that's why!

review by OMD (27 May 2003)