OK without further ado we arrive at the Sumac to set up and The Rioters were already there. All the way from that there London and had arrived an hour early. Hats off to em’. After setting up we all had a great vegan meal with lemon icing flapjacks. Splendid way to kick off the evening. Next we received a message that Modern Tribes who were due on first were stuck in a massive traffic jam so The Rioters went on first and treated us to a no nonsense, no thrills set of fine punk fucking rock with occasional edgings of garage, Oi and ska. The Rioters are a young 4 piece who wear their influences clearly on their sleeves but these sleeves are rolled up and the band get stuck in. Kicking off with ‘The EDL Are Going To Hell’ they let us know, without a shadow of doubt, which side they are on and do so with some splendid Oi undertones. The Rioters drip with charisma and character and engage the onlooker with their enthusiasm. ‘Choke’ is a lovely little piece to skank to and ‘Who Needs Royalty’ is a punk sing-a-long delight whilst ‘Big Bad Devil’ is reminiscent of Reverend Horton Heat. Overall a fine set of eclectic material and a great bunch of people to boot. No egos, no attitudes, just a bunch of people enjoying what they do for the right reasons.

Modern Tribes arrive and do their thing and they are loved. Opening with an experimental jam which reminds me of a slightly more funky Slint which pleases me greatly. Modern Tribes are an intense and edgy 3 piece who sound fresh and exciting but wouldn't have felt out of place when Slint, Lung, Killdozer, Big Black or even Sonic Youth walked the earth. Ironically Modern Tribes feel very post-modern to me in a Dissociates kind of way. Beautifully crafted and bitter sweet. With song titles like ‘I Hate You’ and “Everything Is Dying’ you know you are more in line for a train crash than an easy ride but hold on you will be changed by the experience and in the final analysis there is always therapy. So brace yourselves, engage with the process and enjoy. As the appreciative crowd did tonight. Splendidly warped set.

Sadly Tickturds had a few problems so did not make tonight’s gig however Dave Bilson stood in and did a few acoustic garagey numbers about the Miners strike and more personal stuff. Somewhat Sexton Ming-ish. Nice one.

The trouble with Luddite Bastard is the bastards just keep getting better. Another spot on set of well constructed passionate tuneage. Loads of edginess, bits of skanking, as tight as Karen Carpenter. Awesome and engaging throughout. Political and concerned yet fun and intelligent. Hard as nails hardcore yet danceable grinding ska. It’s all here. Thankfully the Leftover Crack elements are evident but there are more creative , less obvious elements which make LB just that little bit more special. I catch glimpses of G.R.O.W.T.H. in the voice and musical construction tonight. This warms my soul. ‘Mr Cameron’ gets the usual “fuck this is awesome” responses from me. Top notch. Those in attendance require an encore and are treated to a sweet little number about Diana Spencer and necrophilia. Respect!

Overall a bloody good night. Thanx to all involved. All proceeds to Compass Children's Charity (formerly Casa Alianza UK) for street children.


Review by Eagle Spits (27 March 2016)