And so the Spitune/ Punk 4 The Homeless mobile roles up to The Star and Garter approx three weeks late but we are met by a smiling Fungal so life is sweet. What lay ahead of us was a fun filled day of punk rock mayhem. Dancing, beer, falling over, carnage and a host of fine bands so straight onto the bands:-

Benefit State- unfortunately we had to unload the car so didn't catch the whole set but what I did hear was damn fine indeed. Solid punk fucking rock, no messing. This is the kind of stuff I was weaned on and never loose the taste for. Love it. Melodic and meaty, big and bouncy. Can I have some more please sir? The were also kind enough to swap sets with D Liberate who got delayed. Good lads.

D Liberate- A fine set of punk with extra riffage but no added sugar. Tight accomplished and grufty. Passion oozing, conviction spitting, the punters lap it up like the beer which is flowing. First time I have seen this band I seriously hope its not the last.

Unune -did his tune “If you think I'm crazy” which was spot on, fucked up and challenging. The man’s a floored genius.
Spitune. As a band member I will just say the audience were great, clanking, banging and entering into our music therapy for punx gleefully. Cheers we loved it.

Rum Direction- Politically correct never. Bloody good fun as always. The lad plays a fine acoustic guitar and his Benny Hill humour is wonderful. “Wizards Sleeve” was my favourite today. If punk doesn't offend somebody then you are probably doing it wrong. Loads of fun and loved in the main. Piss yourself laughing or piss off, your choice. Theres room for all in the punk rock thing.

Wolf Bits Boy, O yes!. Wonderful street punk sounding stuff with the odd bit of skanking. Well crafted in a Rancid kind of way. Great tunes which I loved and can't get “We will rise” out of my head. This stuff is best served tight and WBB are fucking tight. Beautiful, and there were several dancing feet to prove it.

Government Death Epidemic- Angular in a Wire kind of way with thoughtful songs about stuff which matters. I have always had a taste for angles and GDM are a many sided shape. Crisis, Wire, Joy Division spring to mind but GDM are original within it all. Their reggae tune is also splendid. “Stop Start” and “Children of Gaza” are pure fucking classics. They seem to get better every time I see them even though I think it’s doubtful that they can get any better. Exceptional stuff from a heart which cares.

Headsticks- Another first for me although I knew some of their stuff from constantly playing it on the internet. I love bands who actually give a fuck about the state of this world and Headsticks are definitely one of those bands. Punk edged folky stuff who reminded me of a punkier version of Home Service. These guys are very, very good indeed. Thoughtful lyrics about shit which matters with the quality of The Men They Couldn't Hang. I will be listening to Headsticks for some time to come.
The Pakt- Full force angry punk  of the kind we know really well and love. Elements of Conflict and Dirt which is a fucking good thing. Fast and furious and fucking excellent. Top notch band doing it for the right reasons. No pretension, no ego just rage. We loved em.

Finally Fast Cars. Quality old skool Power Pop/ Punk Rock from my teenage years oooops!. Good dancy catchy stuff of the Undertones/Rich Kids variety. In fact they encored with a cover of Teenage Kicks. “The kids just want to dance” indeed , and so did us old bastards. Bloody good fun.

So that's it. One of the best days out I have had for ages. Great bands, great company. Twas like a day of celebration I tell you. We also raised a good amount of dosh for street children (you can find out more about the cause here- . Cuz ‘stopping cops killing kids is punk rock’. O yes, we had a couple of awesome poems from Ged Murphy.
Many thanx to Fungalpunk, The STP crew, the Punk 4 The Homeless crew, all the bands, the
punters the venue. Everyone was more than generous. Don't let them tell you that DIY can't change the world. It can and fucking will. Cheers

P.S. Cheers to the blokes from Most Likely To Fail & Monkish who turned out even though they couldn't do the show-respect.

review by Eagle Spits (28 April 2015)