Today was the second instalment of the Punk For The Homeless jaunt into Manchester. My good friend Eagle and myself joined forces to showcase some more fine stalwarts of the underdog scene whilst raising conkers for some very unfortunate people in dire circumstances. The idea was to spread the word of the cause, get some kids fed, get the bands showcasing their talent and fine ethics and, hopefully have a good drink and good fun with many like-minded souls. On paper it looked set to be a good un' and, if I do say so myself, it most definitely was. As per myself and Eagle don't pamper to the ones who like big names, cliques or social niceties - no, we do what we do, try and keep it mixed and are delighted to get a few who mean it rather than a mass who don't. We scrape by, we are patchwork punks, the dustbin men of the underground and are happy in the mire - to those that came, enjoyed and understood I fuckin' thank you wholeheartedly - cheers!

So arriving early and a few beers and some early organising was had. Posters up, posters duly vandalised (it is a long sordid story) and the early bird bands came and got themselves in a position of alertness. Time was of the essence as it is whilst composing this assessment and so I will be to the point and give hint at what a grand day you either loved or very stupidly missed out on. No ego's, no pretensions, just a day for the real. In fact just to be a bastard on myself I will allow myself just 50 words per band max. The rest will be gaps for you to fill in with your eager or idling imagination. No harm in challenges, better this than the ones who do reviews with no words whatsoever (know what I mean ya buggers).

So unto the day of heavy drinking, nudity, rolling around in a beer soaked mess, clattery and twattery and ad libbed behaviour...

Benefit State – pounding heavyweight sounds with many familiarities woven by a network of weighty bass, raspy vocals, fearsome guitars and twat happy skins. A delicious opening slice of drilled and direct tuneage with many melodies and meat mincers to mull over. DIY to the marrow, the start is ideal.

D-Liberate - wow factor 100, this set started with incandescence and burnt away lingering cobwebs with a purpose. Fuckless punkage of the kind found in any stalwarts core. Great swiftness, a confidence, a glow of the soul - the tunes were lapped up, I think the impression left was spot on.

Spitune - clatter bang chaos cum (paradoxically) order with the whole heap of scrap iron sound rising on tribal thermals created by an audience that was both enchanted, rapt and befuddled. Anarchy ranting, thorough absorption with protest aplenty and sharp inclines always ready to trip the doubtful. Classical cacophony played passionately - perfect!

Rum Direction - one man, one guitar, much fun, much acoustic insight. Songs slipped in and out and were well lubed and well meant. Smiles came, points given were there to ponder and despite missing 2 songs I feel the input was solid and kept things moving in different directions - repeat please!

Wolf Bites Boy - I love this hammer and tongue rattling machine, they ooze efficiency, look set to blast many from the stage and hit a firm nail in the sensors yesterday. Key words - tight, highly fuelled, organised and utterly focused on the task at hand. Feedback told the story - 100% positive.

Government Death Epidemic - purely unassuming, purely amiable and purely enjoyable. A band working hard at making bread and butter noise for all the right reason. Each tune is a sweet morsel to my unwashed lugs and for me, these overlooked doers are a dream to have on board - fine work.

Headsticks - my heart is with this band, a cultural treat of delicacies, questioning angst and beautifully ornate acoustica, Floating and serenading whilst snapping and haunting - every song is a classical journey of thoughtful brilliance - a crew to climb every ladder placed before them - embrace the essence and enjoy

The Pakt - direct punkage, no arsing - real power package of testicle stamping, fanny clamping meanness that looks ahead, sees the final full stop and rushed like fuck top get there. A forceful bout of irresistible ram rodding intensity with an inner seethe and thirst for uprising rage

Fast Cars - pop punk excellence loaded with dance and prance artistry that has a very needy pace and pick up and pogo win factor. Long term doers with much to offer and easily capable of sharing the stage with more established act. The blurred line was made clear thanks to some non-stop rhythm and roll

Whoosh...wank, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Add to the mix a guest appearance by Ged Murder, wordsmith and £700 a gig bandit (cheers man, great company_ and a one song treat by the decibel and decency destroying Unune and I reckon you all got a fine treat!

Cheers again to all - the gaff, the grafters and the gifted. Also to the vandals, the swillers and thrillers as well as the noise itself that always tastes best when delivered with reality and other flavours.

Call us outside the box, call us cunts, call us culpable of many a cacophonic crime but never say we don't meant it!

Oh and £420 was raised for the cause - good work everyone. Part 3 coming soon methinks!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (26 April 2015)