Having been in contact with Ben Schizm I had given him a few contacts regarding gigs and had him play at Bradford Gasworks as part of this mini tour. Tonight the Thatched House would host these 3 newish bands. How would they fair?

Upon arrival the place was dead and Ben explained no paying punters were present - sadly this was the case all night - what a shower of shite you punks are! Get out and watch different stuff and be keen to find out if there is anything new in the pipeline. True this gig wasn't advertised but seek and you will find. It's not hard!

Anyway after much arsing Repulsive Love Fairies were at it and produced a set filled with uncertainty and a lack of conviction. It was a loose performance and this lot are still finding their feet and it would be easy to slate them on this showing. But - with a little consideration one can definitely see a potential. This is banshee-esque stuff in a very raw format but with added accoustic, a more simplistic and catchy bass rhythm and a cuteness of guitar you could have a very decent band on your hands. 'Tosser' was an example of some of the great ditty's this lot have but they must work on packaging and presentation. I enjoyed it and so did my young un' simply because it was unpretentious and basic punk. Keep at it lads and lasses and find your niche. A recording would be interesting to listen to to see what they actually do sound like on CD.

Next Mafafi and boy what a performance. Hardcore metal/punk crossover this was a live wire set with excellent guitar riffs, thumping bass lines and walloping drums. The singer fronted all this cacophony with a manic performance as he jumped, jigged and jostled in a worked up frenzy. The small crowd of followers (other bands) loved it and despite the gaff being empty of neutral onlookers this still rocked the joint. All hardcore lovers must check out these jock rockers and taste some real energy from North of the Border.

Lastly Social Schizm who knocked out a very decent set indeed. The odd loose moment interefered with the impetus of the whole performance but shouldn't detract from an overall pleasing set of songs. Once again a fairly new band but with Bens attitude being a driving force these lot should do great. Hardwork and dedication should pay dividends here and the belief in what they are doing is really nice to see.

Overall I enjoyed tonight and it was a gig from where my heart lies. Upcoming 'erberts with nowt to lose having a go for the sheer love of it. Thats what its about and the fact they don't get the support they deserve is a fuckin' disgrace but their time will come. Old bastards - watch yer arses.

review by OMD (26 July 2006)