With the current financial state set at skint it was a good job Deadline are a band worth travelling for.  With loads of local gigs coming up and not having the brass to do them all it is a case of pick and choose.  Ideal options would be a chance to see new bands and some solid faves hence the trip to Leeds for tonight's trio.  So with an approximately an 140 mile round trip me and my good lady picked up Trev and Daz (two other Deadline enthusiasts) and we hit the road.

Not a bad journey there despite 1 unintelligible moron who when asked for directions just mumbled some incoherent witterings and tootled off.  Eventually we found the gaff and was quite underwhelmed at the size of the place.  Talk about a pea on a drum.  Tucked away in the loins of Leeds was this miniscule pimple of a pub with the responsibility of hosting one of the current top punk acts.  This should be fun - not!

In we went with all watching our alcohol input.  I was currently on a course of antibiotics, my missus was driving and Daz and Trev were out of work and skint (note that for Trev to be out of work isn't an uncommon event - in fact work and Trev in the same sentence is indeed a paradox).  Anyway eventually a couple of mates turned up and it was round the back for the first act.

Indicator were a young bunch with a passion to preach rather than play.  After 2 songs it was already getting monotonous with every number preceded by a long drawn out explanation of its lyrical content and social awareness value.  The songs were quite good with the drummer looking good (which means played well and not looking good as in the eyes of an homosexual admirer despite what Noz thinks).  With a distinct American influence and a stop start rythym this was not my cup of cha but all in all they sounded good and with a bit of forethought and a sock in the guitarist mouth they could do ok.  I'm not against a bit of preaching but short sharp quotes are better than full detailed explanatory lectures.  I'd like to see these guys writing on a toilet wall - time to crap or what?   

Next up were The Mingers.  Another new band but one that impressed me from the off.  Great sound, good pace and a nice variety of dittys with nice short banter between songs (take note Indicator) this was a solid little performance.  The lead girl was very confident in her delivery and looked committed and full of punk spirit.  Good guitar men and a never say die drummer backed up the young ladies energy and complemented one another splendidly.  I must get a T-Shirt and CD aand spread the word - good stuff.

Quick toot at what was on sale (got another Deadline T-Shirt) and a quck cringe as Trev tried to exchanged his old Deadline T-Shirt for a new one.  Herve was more than generous in agreeing to this until he found out that the sleeves had been cut off.  Now there's bare faced cheek and there's just being a pillock.  Nice try Trev but its pillockdom for you.

At last it was the turn of Deadline.  At this point in their careers with 2 solid CD's under their belt, a growing reputation and on the 2 times I'd seen them previously in my opinion this is the best band I'd seen or heard.  Both CD's contained not one bad track and were produced brilliantly.  The contrast between the vocals and music is a perfect contrast and very rarely do you get this in any walk of life.  A quote from Thomas Hardy once likened the sour and bitter tastes of condiments alone are completely enhanced when mixed with a choice dish.  Not exactly true in this case but as close to a description of what I see and hear in this band as I can think of.

First up was the brilliant 'Back for More' followed by 'No Way Out' and 'Gettaway'.  A good start but gradually easing into cruise mode and sounding better with each track.  'Liar' is brilliant' with the catchy 'Way We Were' effectively delivered.  Liz the lead girl looked to be enjoying herself and orchestrates the crowd wonderfully.  Her husband Herve looked equally happy with what was being dished forth and viciously screamed for the crowd to wake up.  'Deadline', the aggresive 'Round The Bend' and one of the best punk songs I've ever heard 'What You Think' were hammered out with fantastic aplomb.  Once again like a postman on whizz, Deadline were delivering the goods.

'Time Ran Out' , TV Dreams', 'Love Song' and the absolutely perfect 'Last Night' were just cream on the cake for me and just were reinforcing how good this band really are.  In such a small venue, with the PA playing up now and again to produce such a sound and performance as this is exceptional.  'Sheena is a Punk Rocker' is an ideal cover to slip in and to finish after a few more classics with the CockSparrer ditty of 'Riot Squad' was just genius. 

Another storming performance and one that left me with no doubts as to the best band around.  Had a quick chat with Liz and passed on my compliments and enquired about upcoming gigs (a nice unassuming lass that leaves all the donkey work to her hubby apparently - wise or what).  A great gig this due to the spirit of The Mingers and the professionalism of Deadline.

The question now remains if Deadline can maintain this high standard of both CD's and live performances.  I believe they can but they shouldn't get to blaze'.  These punks can be a fickle pedantic bunch who can turn the tail at the slightest inkling of an error.  I feel it will only be a matter of time before Deadline get their true desserts and become recognised as one of the best punk outfits ever.  Or maybe I could be wrong.  Mmmm - maybe not!

Review by OMD (26 January 2004)