I think I deserve a swift gig review now and again and this will be such an example. I do my whack and have an insurmountable backlog that needs some due attention so my assessment tonight will be very terse and hopefully very accurate.

Arriving in good time and partaking of QC prior to proceedings and a brace of tins I chatted with a few fine faces I see on a regular basis and a few that appear now and again like transient 'shrooms in a melodic woodland. The atmosphere downstairs was good and people seemed up for the gig. 3 decent bands that would compliment one another quite nicely and contribute to a darn decent night (well that's the plan).

First on - No Decorum - a local band I know quite well, whom have played a few gigs for me in various guises and who had a review out of me last week so can make do with a brief summing up this time (fairs fair dudes and dudette). I like what the band do and the curve is still gently going upwards and although far from the finished product (I am never fully happy and always looking to squeeze that extra bit out of a crew) this was another enjoyable jaunt that displayed progression and belief. The songs are catchy, the element of fun not lost, the traditional touches within the suggested sub genre work well and the band seem to be having a good time doing what they do - it all contributes to a fair set. They have a few local fans which always helps the cause, they slip up in a few areas but now ride it well and overall I always come away with a smile on my face. A sound opener.

Alcohol, a natter, and then...Gimp Fist.

It had been a while since I put these dudes on in Stockport on a couple of SAS 3 dayers. Then I was impressed and suggested they were one of the best Oi bands in the country (if they care to be labelled as such). Tonight it was good to meet up, exchange warm, friendly and well meant words and watch them play what can only be described as, an expected cracker. Some may say I know fuck all but one thing I do know is a fuckin' good quality unit when I see one and one at that who still have potential for bigger and better things. They are doing alright for themselves though and it is always good to hear people have picked up on this classy crew and started admiring them for the great song writing, deliveries and bang on standard. 'Just Another Country' opened and was nailed with artistry and attitude and from there on in this was one rockin' and rollin' lesson in top notch tuneage. Bass, guitar, drums - all blend in a cohesive form of perfection and create a cacophony that I just can’t help but gush over. The crowd responded and paid due attention and a few even jigged around in ecstasy - good on em'. A quick nip out for a piddle (darn this unpredictable todger) and back up to see the flow still magnificent with 'Skinhead Not Bonehead' hitting the raw nerves of noise. Exceptional band, I am still a fan, I shall get out my complete collection and play through again over the coming week and I will end with one statement - 'Go see a truly great band do their stuff in a decent and articulate way - take heed'. Thanks for the shouts during the set as well dudes - appreciated and good to meet up again - let's not leave it as long next time.

Proud as punch I went downstairs for a drink - well, needs must!

And lastly The Business. The last time they played Manc Land was at Moho Live, a bigger venue and one where a band may go awry in the spacious sterility if the venue isn’t rammed. The Business pulled in a decent crowd of about 100 but the gaff holds 600 so potential was there to really fall flat on their festering faces. Not so - that night they rattled in a pearler and got the crowd fuckin' rockin and a rollin'. So, on that evidence, tonight at the much cosier Star and Garter, another viewing seemed a must (especially with the support acts which swung my vote and assisted in me missing my all time favourite band, the UK Subs, who were playing down the road - bah). From start to finish this was a charming hypnotic episode of a band with an abundance of catchy, street-based, cheeky chappy tunes hitting high form and being led by a merry minstrel who had the crowd eating out of his mucky mitt. Mickey Fitz knows his game, picks up the ball and hits the back of the net each and every time with his loutish likeable character and bloke on the bus approachability. The liquid delivery throughout is adored by the fans and as one could duly expect, the place came alive. This outfit bring so much 'smile' factor to their gigs and even people who are not 100% Oi 'erberts can't help but get drawn in to the fascinating primal snare the crew so carefully lay. 'Harry May' is always a fave of mine, 'Suburban Rebels' a subtle classic but where are the shit bits that need hoofing out of the set? They ain't there mate - this is one quality cruise with many pinnacles such as 'Spirit of the Streets', where everything comes together to make one rip-roaring rebellious racket. I took time to observe from the front, the middle and the back and ended up with a conclusion that the band played a stormer, the gaff was ideal for them and this gig must be replicated again sometime late next year. Marvellous.

You know the score - thanks to all in attendance, to the guys and gals who work at the gaff, the bands, the piss-pots, the passionate and the decent people who say hello and do their bit. Dean mate - keep yer chin up, pace yerself and watch yer step and...Thank you for a good night and doing your bit. Also to the few people who came up to me and said some genuinely nice things - it doesn't go unnoticed and despite me being a loose cannon at times and a passionate over-spilling underdog lover I do try my best and just be me and reasonably fair at that!  On we go!

So much for a quick low down – bah – I do get carried away!

Review by Fungalpunk/OMD (25th November 2012)