On March 24, proudly attired in my Scabs t-shirt, I managed to edge my way through a crowd of punters gathered in the “Grey Bull”, Penrith.

We were waiting in anticipation of another “Scabs” performance. Could it be similar to their previous gig in Penrith at the Waverley? If so, we could be in for an exciting session of raw punk.

We were not to be disappointed. From above the relative sounds of audience chat, suddenly a crescendo. Drums, guitars, the Geezer with vocals; the Scabs had arrived. With the volume mega high, the Geezer, a guy of such intense physical movements, and a clever lyricist was soon in action. With the Scabs’ songs “Gutter Scum”, “Blades beat Fists”, “Generation Terrorism”, “Barbed Wire Baby”, to name but a few. The audience began to be fired up. The Scabs seemed to raise the tempo.

A couple of guys leaped into the centre of the floor, their antics were awe inspiring, many of the crowd joined them, others standing on their seats, chanting, cheering. The Geezer, microphone trailing, had others sharing the lyrics with him, almost attempting to be a trio or quartet.

I was motivated by the excitement, almost tripping over my walking stick. With “Barbed Wire Baby” beaming out, the Grey Bull was set for a special evening. Guitarist “maestro” Steve throwing in a few subtle riffs with an innocent grin. Bass guitarist Mike, poker faced, performing a sly soft shoe (or Doc Martin) shuffle, Ben on the drums, arms moving in a frenzy of delirious fury.

A great ovation, whilst Geezer pauses to refresh his dynamic vocal chords. Wait a minute! What’s this phenomenon? Blimey!! It’s the pub landlord leaping up and down on his seat, galvanized by the scenario.

The Geezer, as powerful as ever. The crowd whistling, cheering, clapping, all the time. The decibels over-powering. 50 minutes of pure entertainment, an electrifying performance by the Scabs.

The landlord wants them to return. So do I!!!

I staggered out of the Grey Bull, “I’m in Love With a Barbed Wire Baby” still ringing in my ears. WOW!!

A bit belated but wish the younguns n so called punx had this fellas attitude and enthusiasm for live music and unsigned bands,the fella is a star,he's Steve B dad but loves his music and a real genuine good bloke and not a well man, puts em to shame I tell yer!

review by Mick…..Penrith pensioners for punk (28 Mar 2007)