Being a Shotgun Solution fan I thought it would be a good idea to see them in a new venue to myself and good lady wife. Mmmmm.

We arrived early (as usual) to find the place still not open.  Luckily we passed the time with some friendly herberts hanging around a car park sharing spliffs and having a chat.  What else can you do?  Not an ideal night out for my missus which she did remark upon.  Sorry love!

Eventually the gaff bade us welcome and in we did tootle.  Initial appearances were of nothing special and indeed nothing that evening changed my opinion.  Beers and chatting to Eddie (Shotguns lead singer/guitar) and Nat (Shotguns Bass) passed the time as we awaited Diminished.  In fact the conversation was a damn sight more entertaining.  Out of synch, messy guitar work coupled with an overall appalling slackness really did nothing to get the pulse racing.  The singing lacked any vitality and conviction and contributed to a basically dreadful stint.  I was informed that they are a better band than this but I will need to be convinced and to be honest could I be bothered?  On this showing - no.

Shotgun Solution followed with their usual display of gutsy singing and energy.  I do love this band and push them whenever I get the chance but tonight the sound system and general ambience of the place did them no favours.  Me and my wife both enjoyed them but on this night I could understand anyone who didn't.  If they needed any advice (which they don't from me), it would be not to under estimate themselves.  They are better than this and should be playing with better quality bands in better venues.  A damn good band but tonight like a fat ladies breasts in a nudist camp - lacking any quality support.

Review by Fungalpunk/OMD (25 July 2003)