I write this the day after the review, the sun is shining, I need some vitamins from that old yellow orb, I ain't gonna fuck around.

A run, 2 walks around a reservoir up Lancashire and a Country Park in Greater Manchester and the old boiled eggs were aching. Arriving home I had some lunch then went to bed with the missus and had a read (Rosemary's Baby - an absorbing tale of sinister proportions) and then dozed whilst the young un' did her homework. A check of the clock a hour later - fuck, that bastard Scott has a gig on - best show me face he be a fine old sprout. Dressed and out, yawn, creak, ooh err.

Arriving in good time and a chat with Scott was had, it wasn't looking to be a good turn out due to it being a Sunday night and a local charity do down the road seeped in that same old nostalgic attraction - hey ho, the show must go on.

Seamo (McKenna) first - tales of love, political disgruntlement and more, delicacies interwoven with more robust string attacks made for a refreshing listen with a refusal to follow usual acoustic routes most welcome. The artiste has an obvious ear for a composite that switches around and intermingles varied sonic spice - this will bode well for the future and the longevity aspect. Within the set - a willingness to chance it was apparent, the fact that he had no set list worked well and he was duly thanked afterwards for a fine showing. This chap has many layers to call upon and given the right encouragement he could take his dabblings a fair way. All songs worked well and complimented one another - a decent start to the night.


The Crash Mats - complete with a new drummer (fuckin' hell these bands are forever changing and losing members - such a shame to see faith lost by some). Despite the personal change around I have to admit that the curve this band are on still goes upwards and that, as per, is always gratifying to see. What we get with the band is a harsh, ludicrous, hazed, skanked, contrasting, greened up, technically more fluid and relaxed set than before and this, I am sure, is down to good practice, building confidence and for a downright stubbornness to do their thing. Tonight maybe, just maybe, was the best that I'd seen them and even though the cannabanoid mist was present, songs about 'Peppa Pig' and footballers having their faces blown off were amongst the mania, I found myself enjoying this. Bass driven at times, guitar driven at others, drums remaining cohesive throughout - it will be interesting to see were they go next!

Colt 45 - a debut viewing for yours truly so the review can, at most, only grab the initial flavour and impression made. Tendencies towards the more mainstream were evident with a tidy and efficient approach present throughout most songs. Strings worked in unison, vocals, when alone or harmonised, worked a treat with the sound given and the stick work was very smartly attended to and was the most eye catching part of this opening viewing. Having digested the sound and slept on it I feel the crew have the most approachable mode so as to allow in various listeners from several sub genres. All components had a clarity and the songs gave evidence of bold forethought - again my interest is high as to where these will end up.

The Hostiles - what can I say? Well versed, skacore meets its lighter brother, bouncing and high energy, technical twanging, to the point, not the easiest vibe to fully get into at first but this unit operate so well together you get yourself drawn in and once there, no escape can be had. I thought the first song was awful by the way and really expected a duff headline do but I suspect that was a personal thing as the small gathering looked immediately taken. The set went from strength to strength and the band, even though at the end of a short tour, looked fresh and bang on their game. This US led scotch ska punk band know their game, etch it deep within the mind of the onlooker and yet leave so much more to be discovered - a strange mix. I need to catch these again real soon as it seems an age since I reviewed their CD, saw them prior to this gig and pondered their produced - keep the faith dudes.  This was technically sound and nailed many angles thrown in – sure-fire noise to keep ya thinking.

That was it, off home, tea and toast and to bed for a bit more of that fine book - no work tomorrow, wandering, chores, reviews and family stuff - its all go but at last I am finding a balance and keeping my head a little bit more sorted - fingers crossed it lasts. Cheers for reading and thanks to Scott and his Horn and Hoof promotions - move on, shake down, do it yourself.

review by OMD (23 March 2014)