A gig with 2 bands I have reviewed on numerous occasions so why bother again? For me reviews need doing because it records events that don't deserve to be lost forever and gives one the opportunity to air ones views on different bands and their good and bad points as one sees it. Not enough people are contributing to the scene and reviews are indeed thin on the ground and that is such a shame. How can bands progress if written feedback isn't given? How can anyone recall all their gigs they have been to without reminders such as these? How can anyone gain some insight into this murky scene without some textual tinkering here and there? Maybe it’s just me but all bands deserve to have something written about them be it critical or applauding. Go on - get your fingers from up your arse and get tapping the keys.

I arrived at the Butterflies Bar in good time only to find out that The Adjusters had pulled. 2nd gig in a row that they had done this and no doubt down to those rumours about an injured hand within the crew. I don't know the exact details but a shame a space was taken and it was too late in the day to get another band in. It happens and I hope The Adjusters get sorted soon - bloody good band tha' knows.

A beer and a browse of a darting manual was had with note made of the many boards out there and various arrers on the market. I used to chuck a few myself and pondered the days when I was rattling in 180's and doing those 170 finishes. All true and maybe when I get home I'll get the mini-spears out again and try and get back up to speed! Time passed and faces arrived including a gang of dudes I used to knock about with 30+ years ago. Two of em' I hadn’t seen in all that time and the others I had only seen once since. Great stuff indeed and time taken to reminisce about the glue, the zoff, the arson attacks, the destruction, the gambling, the sherry swilling, the characters lost but not forgotten and the general idiocy of being a young 'couldn't give a shite’ punks. Beer flowed and the ambience was happy. More faces, more chits with big Andy Subs as amiable as ever and maintaining the good company. The first solo act was missed due to the wagging jaws but hey I do my bit and it is very rare I miss a band when I am in attendance. This was a special catch up so please excuse me. 

Eventually Billyclub climbed on stage and this is what I thought...

Crafted, cultured, eager and very secure in their own belief this lot do what they do with such marvellous accuracy. The set to me now is firmly embedded within my nut and track after track is a familiar fave. One or two still need my further attention but gems such as 'FUVM', 'Three Little Pigs' and 'Surf' just need to be enjoyed. Individually the unit is mighty with bass rumbled, tidy and subtly effective without being overly (and unnecessarily) flash. Drums are belted into oblivion and have always been a key backbone in this beasts structure and in no way should be underestimated. Guitar duty is taken care of by good old Karl (emphasis on old ha, ha) and is played with such joy, such sincerity and such gusto. Tonight this dude looked to be chomping at the bit and seemed afire with a new found spirit. Frontman Mok knows the score and holds stage excellently, moves ideally and sings with balls bared. Turn-out wise was average I thought and I couldn't understand why more weren't present to see this grand local band. I reckons over the night about 70 payers were had whereas I would have predicted 100 to 120. Despite this Billyclub rocked it hard and with a genuine love of the noise and I personally loved it - but don't I always? 'Homicide' closed and of course went down a treat and one has to admit the band do do it very well indeed. Feedback after was pretty good although a couple of punters thought it a bit too metallic with not enough variation. I'd disagree and say it was nothing less than a well rehearsed, well oiled powerhouse package but opinions are what make things fresh and each to their own is how it should always be. Why Billyclub are not on at Rebellion is beyond me but there you go. The reason I mention this is that one or two asked me if I was attending this year’s event and I saw a few flyers knocking about and duly browsed the bands on the bill. I feel BC are well deserved of a place if they want it but it isn't the be all and end all so they shouldn't fret if it never comes. Oh by the way I won't be attending - I do my bit, am not into being in a place just for the sake of socialising and being seen and am far happier in the smaller arena watching the underdogs. As I say - 'each to their own'.

A beer, more mandible-wobbling and the UK Subs.

Would they be good? Would they be shite? If I were a betting man experience gives an obvious pointer despite a word with drum dude Jamie earlier revealing he was a little worse for wear after some birthday celebrations and beer swilling exploits.

So the Subs kicked in, the crowd responded and the set swirled along in impressive style. Alvin on bass kept all things in line, organised and to time with Jet on guitar once more proving his stature has grown and that he his now an integral part of the unit and playing some good shit along the way. The pisspot on drums (ha, ha) looked a bit pale but played a solid one and really hammered along and kept up with all that was transpiring - good man. Mr Harper at the fore does what he does best - holler, entertain and keep it fuckin' real. The songs were as you are with the expected in the mix and a few extras that appear now and again, namely 'Down On The Farm' and 'Keep On Runnin'. 'Creation' and 'Hell Is Other People' were highs from the new album but 'This Chaos' is a giant among giants and really did the business tonight. How can I go on? A great band in ideal surroundings and creating a sonic storm - why was there no encore though? Never mind, I thought it was fuckin' excellent and the majority in attendance looked like they agreed.

Farewells downstairs and another Sub-adventure done - 9th July the next one - hopefully see ya there!

review by OMD (23 June 2011)