I have been here, there and everywhere lately with the family keeping me active (well mainly that young lass of mine and her dance shows) and the pursuit of bugs, beasties and general natural beauty persuading me to visit numerous wondrous areas.  After being dumped off Facebook for the second time (the machine dictates and we become too reliant on this raped media system) and being bogged down by many external demands I had been a bit 'out of it' for a few weeks as regards gigs so when this mini pip popped up on the web waves I thought it was definitely worth a punt.  It came amid a hectic week so in true pop punk tradition I will keep this one purely precise, terse and hopefully highly accurate.  I am aiming for 3 sentences a band so as to set myself a challenge and to do a review with a sharp slant - better that than fuck all which happens way too often.
10 minutes to spare before the first band - yeah - chits, chats, the sweaty levels began to rise - this gaff is no place to run a gig on such a humid night - oh the crack of me arse.
First band hit the stage and here comes the first trio of assessing statements.
The Walking Targets - Edinburgh based punk outfit who intertwine the poppier elements with a definitive new school vibe that was all the sub-scene rage in the early 90's and had extra elements of technical twanging and skater skuffle thrown in - on a very light basis here though.  With a lowly crowd the band plucked out a swift and forceful set that had good foundations, offered much to build on, contained many fine elements and varied angles on several occasions that helped maintain interest - you gotta keep working on that dudes!  The band are still in their embryonic stage, they have a few areas to refine but there is much here to enjoy and acoustically absorb with all parts functioning well and keeping a tight and organised method that will undoubtedly serve them well on future escapades - just keep ploughing away chaps.

Don Blake - I didn't know what to expect so when the harmonised pop punk brilliance was delivered with unflustered, unassuming honesty and was washed forth in a quite delectable way I was once again convinced that the underdog gigs, where new bands are to be seen, are always the best option to take.  This was very traditional, formulated poppology but was done with such total simplicity and effectiveness and embraced a whole sunshine soaked panorama of sub-scene sound that I watched with delight as each and every approachable ditty flowed free from the stage and into the onlooker’s lugs.  If being critical I would suggest the band present the musical wares in a more unified style - all stringmen work on delivery and posture and pose in rhythm but, other than that suggestion, I found the whole collection of sounds a smiling pleasure - oh shit 3 sentences done and more to add - best watch em' again soon.

Skimmer - The Brum boys have done the rounds (in the last 20 years), have the honour of being the last band to record a Peel session, have supported some very big names over the years and...despite my Fungalised self seeing 50 (at least) all time new bands every year have somehow eluded me until now (that says just how much there is to see out there if ye be willing to shift yer arse - think on).  The experience, the strict configuration, the influences and the sheer professionalistic touches and honeyed harmonised vocal style all create many joyous moments to nod yer head to, tap yer foot to, fizz along to and I found this a super session of unapologetic bubblegum blowing.  Again we were given a real good bout of artistry with sugared chords, typical vibes and liquid undulations of fused radio-friendly modes that just made this a treat to the ears and one easy set to sum up - fuckin' A-class pleasure.

I am struggling with the rule I set, 3 fuckin' sentences indeed - harrumph.  And of my favourite bands on the battered and bruised block...

The Murderburgers - they came, I expected much, they delivered with taut, rushed and gushed tempos, rapid riffs, familiar frothing inflections and ever progressive tuneage that still clings to the identifiable hullaballoo the band made in earlier days (note not to mention the bagpipes - oops).   'My Brain Is Hurting' was a select moment amongst many with oodles of new songs thrown in from the bands forthcoming album release (on Asian Man Records) that promises to be a shuddering crackerjack and which I hope will hurtle these tuneful sprouts into pastures new.   I love the no nonsense approach, the quality of output,  the urge to play easy come, easy go rock and roll and the bands abundance of class songs - I have been a Murderburgers fan for 5 years now, I still am - here's to the next 5.

Done it - no fuckin' about and within the constraints set.

Great night in truth and very much my chosen style of giggage - in a backstreet gaff, raw, DIY and for the few willing to make the effort and wanting it real.  The promoters did good, let us have some more real soon please.   

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (24 July 2013)