During this gig I was extremely irritated by the lowly turn-out and my frame of mind was to use this review to vent my ever taut spleen against this, that and of course t'other. I slept on it and woke up in an altogether different frame of mind and after seeing the blue sky outside, a radiant bunch of blooming daffodils on my window sill and enjoying an early morning cup of ice cold Vimto (always nice after a good booze up) I felt that it is far better to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative - and that is what I will ruddy well do.

5 bands on show tonight and all for the fair price of a fiver. The promoter tried several ways to stop me paying but I got a sneaky one in via the lass on the door and got every pennies worth of entertainment on the night. The fact is I was surrounding by a dashed good array of people I know, respect and have a lot of time for in this lower end of the scene, there was a solidly decent vibe in the room and all and sundry watched each other do their bit and offer good support. Not like those big end gigs where people are in the room for lesser bands but not taking note or are outside chewing their own crapulent crud before ticking that headline name box (now, now Fungal back to the positivity sir - slapped arse for that - oooh yeah).

So some good chatting and salutations, some good drinking with my comrade in corruption Mr Ged Murphy and some fine bands to concentrate on and enjoy. These are my sincere thoughts in a rather structured way for me (its nerves you know, those dastardly nerves).

Band Number 1 - Calamity Chronicle - the 4-piece came, gave a short set, mixed and matched the flowing styles and when pounding really hit a tidy level to see more potential in. Led by a front lass who had a solid vocal range and who displayed strong sanguinity before a crowd of experienced heads the band exhibited some really enchanting songs that dripped with rock elements, had small slivers of punk honesty and at times something quite advanced floated into play with the considered organisation of each songs structure quite apparent. Bass was held together nicely, the guitar provided power and tuned trinkets and the drums exploded when necessary and gave a rigid backbone throughout. A new band for me (the first of the year, only 49 to go to keep my annual 50 all time new bands a year record going) and one to keep an eye on whenever the opportunity arises. We shall see how this promising garden of noise will grow! NB. Thanks to the guitarists for showing his penis backstage - measurements taken, scrapings had - further investigations will be carried out!

Band Number 2 - Dischord - Well, what is there to add here? A band I know well, have worked with since their fledgling days and a crew who are both a delight to meet and who never fail to dish up an exciting set built on relentless angular power trips that only the strong of gut can take. Approach too closely, stay on board too long and those nerve endings will frazzle with screwed up discombobulation and, perverse as it seems, delight! The frontman may catch the eye with his persistent, perspiring ping and pogo mania (and bloody good he is too) but take note ladies and gentlemen, he his backed by a solid group who combine their weaponry with tight, almost sexual artistry and thrash out a sound loaded with quick rhythm and crippling gumption. 'Here Come The Weeds' is a minor classic, it has all the right ethics and adornments to make it a pure DIY anthem, utterly faultless. The pleasure was all mine (again).

Band Number 3 - C. S. O. D. - I love these dudes - great peeps, great musicians and, as it turns out, a fuckin' great band. I always expect to be torn a new arse when I see this lot and once more my rectal collection increased by one as this raging set bit deep into my flesh and sucked out the most resistance parts of my framework. I submitted and let the battering come and enjoyed every fuckin' note and nuance of the foaming attack the crew chucked forth. 'Be Ready' is a zenith, a bloody good old battering ram of bullying discordance that demands, feeds and duly fucks. See the video, get the CD, see it played in the flesh, hail another mighty song to blitz your already quivering genitalia. One thing that is crucial to add at this point is to watch each individual player and how he manipulates and ultimately wanks his hardware (oooh daddy) and you will appreciate even more the muscularity and tightness of this unit - loved it and looking forward to the album too. Just hope it’s got some willy pictures in it - wow!

Band Number 4 - Manifest - Manchester Hardcore, a terrible trio of taut, tight, terrorising tunesters who go at it gung ho and bring all the traditional elements of certain hardcore scenes and wallop them straight into your mug. Skins are savaged, wires buckled, throats utterly scorched as the three-piece clash and collide and duly move with molten malevolence through a set that seems to get more and more accomplished and more and more coherent with every viewing. I do like Manifest, there is something honest, undesigned and downright earthy about the upchuck and it always raises the spirits to see them strut their refreshing stuff. When the band blow hard, by heck don't that gust clear the fuckin' noggin? Keep going chaps, you give me hope.

Band Number 5 - Obscene Nihilist - Another new band, bonus, one who hail from Manc Land and were only formed in 2015. This was a rugged death metal showcase with many frayed edges and wayward elements but who the fuck cares. It was delightfully delivered and had an equal amount of moments that crushed the living daylights out of the doubting nadgers and made one perk up further (now then Matron) and make a more fastidious concentrated viewing. Chaos and clatterpunk clashings came in heaps, the in-house beer consumption rose and the ON brigade beat out a belter. The lead lass was cock-sure (or should that be fanny sure, tis all PC pressure these days) and held more than her own (not literally or in a molesting kind of way of course) and really got into the groove of the musical mayhem. I liked the explosive bursts, the unapologetic attack and the way the band seemed to still exude an element of thoroughly enjoying themselves - what a grand finish.

So, this dog crawled forth, shook off his scabs off disgruntlement, went home, slept off a good soaking of ale and woke up utterly pleased with the previous nights produce. Attendance wise it was an insult, spirit wise it was a triumph and put to shame many larger gigs full of those dead eyed dodo's who really miss the point. Oops almost negative there! To finish on the up let us go back to those Daffodils that elevated my early morning soul and make a comparison - if the flowers can bloom and resist the cold winds of change so can the DIY dogs resist the waft of apathy and radiate a fragrance the few stalwarts will inhale, appreciate and bloody well do their best to pass on. Flower, produce seeds and sow – only then will the future be a joy!

Thank you to Midnight Promotions which was smoothly run and finished in a great time for all to get home easily!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (23 January 2016)