After a heavy day prior to this one I decided not to go but a couple of calls from Brains Barnes (under duress) and Jan (of his own free will) changed my mind. Andy Noize Anoize picked me up (cheers mate) and I arrived at the gaff to see RBH open up. Unlucky or what?

Well the Masters of Wank Metal were up to their usual sexualised idiocy and rattled off 4 numbers in quick succession regarding various sophisticated topics such as vaginal flavoured lollipops. Classy men or what? Due to distractions and chatting with faces I hadn't seen in a while I missed the rest of the set but what I did witness was deviancy of the highest order backed by some good musicianship. Not bad at all really.

Next Boredom AD who dished up a real convincing set that was rammed with catchy tunes, great rhythms and the antics of a Mr Brian Barnes (Uk Subs bassist and spoon collector extraordinaire). This was a real good showing and in true 'mentalist' fashion the entire band contributed to a cracking performance. Already 'Vincent Price', 'Lowlife 07', 'All About Me', 'I Want More' and 'Maniac' are etched in the mind due to their catchy chorus lines and quality delivery. The songs are quicker than in past outings and the new metamorphosis has turned a good band into an excellent band. I thoroughly enjoyed it and collected feedback confirmed this opinion. Keep going lads - really fun stuff.

Next One Man Stand (the 31st time I had seen them - OCD or what?). Rushed and looking a bit jaded this was far from their best but hey this is still a good band. Due to the command of the landlord and father time the set was short and sweet and lacked any real gumption but nearing the end of the tour, having played earlier in the day and having a fat bastard on bass took its toll and they came and went in mediocre fashion. Shame as I hadn't seen them for a few months and expected a good un'. Like I said though a quality band and when fresh always produce the goods. Early nights all round and a dose of laxatives for Noz.

Lastly Japanese punkers Drex who I was informed were a class act. Well in truth this wasn't half bad and the tightness of delivery and overall song construction and variability did leave a nice after taste that arouses a sensation of wanting more. Chirpy and melodic Drex were well worthy of headline status and on the crowds evidence should be back for more. Birthday celebrations ensued with One Man Stand frontman apparently 40 years old (again). Third time this year but it keeps the free prezzies rolling in ha ha. Top guy Ant and all the best mate for the future.

A good Sunday night gig this and a nice end to a busy weekend. Goodnight.

review by OMD (23 Apr 2007)