The idea was a simple one but in some ways quite radical. 5 (6) promoters, Wingnut Promotions, Horn Hoof, Eagle Spits, Evil Music and Fungalpunk combine dubious and unwashed forces to present 12 examples of noise. Showing that the underdogs can work together to present a splendid day of various tuneage. This was done with good effect. 

Fungal Penetration – due to recent stresses and strains, a continuous backlog of noise to swim through I came today to sup, share and get the odd sonic fix – a review was not going to happen from these worn digits – apologies in part, bollocks in others – I do my bit nonetheless and big hug to Eagle for straining his fat lovely arse a little more.

EAGLESPITSHEXX were due to play but I received a text at 6am saying Hexx had been up all night due to vomiting from food poisoning. As all the promoters had chosen two bands each I was a band down so an unplugged set of punk poetry and acapella songs chucked together by Me & Mrs Spits. Anyway we arrive at the venue at 11.15 to be met by Dave HT and a few more smiling folks, no breakdowns or nothing.

Fungal Penetration – oh yeah, a grand start to the day with some good natter with some real gems (ooh and there was sherry and ale knocking about too).

Anyway straight into the music:- 

Burning From The Inside kicked the show off in mighty fashion. Pounding drums and riffs a plenty. Good solid punk with freshness and energy. The band worked hard and played tight. At times I saw glimpses of Cocksparrer at others The Blissetts but always BFTI.  A lunch time opening set is never easy but BFTI give their all and the punters get it and get into it. A belter of a set.

Fungal Penetration – BFTI are always good, never once have they let me down and they do it in such a convincing unassuming manner – why the fuck are they now not getting more credit.

Dischord  are never less than great and today they fucking rocked. Heavy hardcore punk with a dark gothic twinge. Full on and beautiful. Ragingly edgy with sing-a-long bits. I love to see originality and character in punk bands. Dischord hit the mark and quench the thirst.  Total fucking class-nuff said. A musical orgasm in black. Ooooh yeessss!!!

Fungal Penetration – Dischord have produced two albums of artistic excellence, play their arses off and always produce high impact delights – again, why are many not sniffing some new age roses instead of wallowing in old age manure – baffling.  Here Come The Fuckin' Weeds baby!

Eagle & Rachel... more Fungal Penetration it is then?  Out of synch with some people’s expectations no doubt but bang in-line with what we should all be doing in any scene that has certain punk ethics.  Eagle and Rachel get up, do, shit on all boundaries and create thoughtful and idiosyncratic monstrosities that I find very, very rewarding.  DIY to the core, barbed and cute and with much stomping restlessness that many need to inhale and understand the stench of – any gig I do these two are always welcome to play (in whatever format) – I reckon that sums up my feelings.

Wolf Bastard treat us to a heavy duty set of metal edged D-beat. Hard as fucking nails, in your face grufty noise. The raw meat and three veg from the greasy spoon of punk fucking rock complete with diesel oil - fuckin have it, ear buzz n all.

Fungal Penetration – Wow baby, wow – this was hot roasted tonal turdage dealt forth with deliberate and deafening demonism – a concrete set – I’ll be back for more you buggers.

So from the beast to the beauty in the form of an impromptu set from Pedagree Strum. Raw strumming guitar and beautiful supernal vocals, like salted caramel the juxtaposition of the two blend to produce something wondrous. They introduce a song as a new song which might not work then treat us to one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. A very short but much appreciated set.

Fungal Penetration – sweet lilted leakage from two immersed players with many pertinent points to make – it was a joyous late inclusion to keep the day diverse.  Remember – no rules apply.

C.S.O.D. Get on stage and thrash out a tight as fuck set of thrash metal punk. Stage presence and riffs a plenty. Captivating and unpretentious, rum and flexed. C.S.O.D. took the place by storm with each member on the attack but combining to make a Leviathan of a metal head fuck... and relax. 

Fungal Penetration – this lot tremble my attentive testicles so hard the pleasure becomes pain and I spill forth only wound up seeds who are happy to be set free.  Stunning stuff and heavily metalised with many dazzling adornments to just fuckin’ respect.  Top chaps, consistent slaps – faultless fuckers with an edge – CSOD are a triumph.

Over to Flat Back Four  who treat us to some quality punk rock tuneage. Well rehearsed and together. Punk with metal bits sing-a-long, good time stuff about life. Riffage and charisma aplenty. Flat Back Four have been around for a long time but still sound fresh. This is the first time I have seen them. What a twat I am. They were great.

Fungal Penetration – I was drinking (still).

Legend has it that The Stooges had a wild party where they got wrecked and impregnated Hawkwind. The result of the evening was the bastard offspring they called Buff. A great anarcho band born from free spirits and free festivals. Tonight they were gloriously refreshing with vibes and without attitude producing off kilter grooves combined with outside of society lyrics. I wasn't alone in loving the Buff set.

Fungal Penetration – I was drinking (more). 

Tio Rico serve us up a more conventional punk set but with extra skank. Elements of ska, grunge, punk and alternative rock to get ones feet moving. A real multi (sub) cultured society where the elements are taken and blended to make a tasty Tio Rico cocktail. Shaken and stirred. Tio Rico tell us  not to tell them to smile but they are not going to stop us doing so. Hip, hip, ho, here we go...

Fungal Penetration – Yip now the sherry came into play.

Some big fucking fun was had with us and The Crash Mats. Fun filled punk rock of the kind The Vandals and Sloppy Seconds give us. Tuneful and enjoyable songs about Ninjas, Batman, wrestling and weed. Ska, punk and rock n roll served up for massive enjoyment. The pleasure was ours to share. Awesome irreverent set. 

Fungal Penetration – The booze commands and many smiling faces were giving fine company - ta.

And now to Dispute Settlement Mechanism noise punk with sarcasm and intensity. DSM have stuff to say and they are going to make sure we bloody listen. No breaks between songs just straight ahead and straight through. At times they remind me of highest quality riot girl at others Killdozer, Big Black and Unsane. No thrills solid rage saying it as it is. I was fucking blown away. Truth can so often be one of the most scariest things. Three people one big fucking sound.

Fungal Penetration – This lot excited me, totally unorthodox but bristling from the inside out.  The sozzled edge I was holding didn’t blur the appetite shown and succeeded in convincing me of an outfit to do more with.

Headsticks, sublime political folk which is shocking in its quality. They are/were indeed that good. Passion infused from a place which cares. Call them political folk, call them agit folk, call them folk punk call them anything you want. I will call them fucking excellent. A good Nick Cave gig can be a deep spiritual experience. Headsticks have that quality. Headsticks took me somewhere else tonight and made me think and dance in the process. Accurate and tight. Simply beautiful. 

Fungal Penetration – Headsticks – boy have I fought their corner (and continue to do so) and it is all time well spent.  As I have told you many times, a cut above with concrete culture in built.  The band bleed class, watch this space – the ascension will continue and I will gush in good time – tonight I swigged and jigged and immersed my whole being in the sound – it was fuckin’ great!

Finally Lazlo Baby and not a still foot in the place. They bring us a very unique blend of gypsy folk, ska, Balkan influence stuff which has us old punks begging for it. Accordion, bass, sax, whistle, clarinet and drums all played masterfully to give us a great finishing act. From the opener 'Czeched Shirt' through the incredibly catchy 'Playground in the Sky' to the encore of 'Monkey Man' us punters lap it up and go ape shit. Truly, truly original and amazing fun.

Fungal Penetration – A fine finish and although now worse for wear the joy and ping-along happy vibe was apparent and I reckon this lot closed proceedings on a high. 

So what an awesome day. Thanx to ALL involved bands, promoters, punters and venue. A special thanx to Rachel & Reuben for doing the door.- cheers.

Fungal Penetration – oooh me ruddy head - burp! Ta everyone- you are all too kind.  next time my fingers will be tapping harder, as I hop will be my feet!

review by Eagle Spits (regularly penetrated by Fungalpunk - oh his poor bum hole (23 June 2015)