A free gig at a quality venue like the Gasworks in Bradford is really too tempting an offer to turn down so myself, my wife and little un' set off for the venue in anticipation of some good punk stuff. The conditions driving over were horrendous and I wondered how this would effect the crowd.

Arrived at the gaff and had chats with top laid back man Max - the gaffs owner, Tino from the Negatives, Rock soild punk Ronnie Rome, Cumbrian lush Sassy Bex (lush may be untrue but it amuses me no end) and also Andy K of Demob, a true punk rock gent and lover of the upstart. The crowd at this time wasn't too bad and with a decent atmosphere the first band kicked off.

No Eager Men were new to me but I had reviewed one of their CD's earlier in the year and was fairly impressed by the likeability of the music churned out. Anyway this was a fair set with only one blip which was the third song (can't remember the name) but it was a stinker. It seemed disjointed in the extreme and was basically a no no but this minor hiccup should in no way detract from a very enjoyable opening. This trio displayed excellent confidence and looked the part on stage. One of the good things about the Gasworks is you can watch the band live from various angles and then have a look at them on one of the many TV-style monitors around the room. As a punter I recommend you take advantage of this because it really helps to assess a band and see how they would look if things took off. Anyway what struck me most about No Eager Men was the fact that the songs were of that BubblePunk sound that can be picked up on by punks both young and old and by the lover of retro and americanised punk. The songs I knew were off the CD and they all sounded excellent with 'I'm Bored' a polished pearl in an ocean of good stuff. 4 covers were thrown in with Buddy Holly's 'Oh Boy' a real winnner and 'At The Edge' by SLF being brave and in truth very well done indeed. Overall a quality effort and with a bit more work we will have a real fine band strutting around on the scene.

Next The Negatives. What introduction do they need? Wandering around on the punk scene since time began these guys know the ropes and at this present moment in time are a relaxed, confident 3 piece who I feel are playing the best music of their rock and roll lives. A well worn group of 'erberts with an array of classic songs that capture the punk essence from any era. Its not complicated, its not affected, its the Negatives and that alone amkes it worthwhile. 'Steal' is a catchy sing-a-long pip, with 'Social Insecurity' a real proper punk tune with a punk sensation running through it second to none. The set was a joy and infectious in the extreme and closed with the Negs signature tune 'Bradford'. A great finish to a great set and good to see three stalwarts still stomping and loving it.

Finally on their first UK Tour it was the turn of The Objex. Earlier chats had revealed that the bassists passport had run out days before and so she wasn't present but with Captain Hotknives as a stand in for 50% of the tracks, in true rock and roll style, the show still went ahead and on this evidence thank goodness for that. Bursting with energy and unleashed urgency the set exploded into life and despite a few microphone glitches hurtled along with a zealous and effervescent style. Quality guitarist and drummer were fronted by a sexually aware lass who used her femininity as and when required to add a cheeky and sometimes carry-on style vulgarity to a quite amazing show. 'Eat This' was the pick of the crop from a band previously unknown to myself but the whole set hummed with vigour and vitality and left an aftertaste of much promise. I liked this and I liked it very much and the finale of Creedance Clearwater Revivals 'Proud Mary' was well timed and well delivered. Overall a fantastic set and me and my family enjoyed it. A CD was purchased and listened to on the way home with still ringing ears and another good gig was done.

Everything I say about going out and checking new bands was justified here tonight and the proof was there for all to see. Free and full of quality - what do the punks want?

I suspect, and hope, The Objex will be back on these shores a few times more in the future so make sure you check em' out this time or next as they are really worth a look. Also lets hope the Gasworks does some more punk nights like this - a quality venue like this should not go to waste.


review by OMD (22 June 2007)