Off to the Academy or so I thought!  Off to the Star and Garter or so I thought!  A walk home, homework and tea with the young un' and a knock at the door.  Good neighbour Sue Pimlott it was who asked if I'd like to join her and her hubby Johnny Bond at an evening at the Witchwood watching a psychobilly band. Very kind and why not indeed?  At this stage though the kidneys were aching, the recently prescribed Tramadol was interfering with my perspective and concentration and I really should have declined the offer - such is the idiocy of enthusiasm!  Who was actually on, the cost and the time paled into insignificance as the thought of catching up with a bit of horror cum psychobilly punk had me intrigued.  I like a bit of this stuff but hadn't witnessed none in over 12 months so it would be good to throw some in the mix for this years watching material.
Arriving at 7.30pm and with guts now blazing and head floating off beyond, chits and chats were had and only 1 pint swilled.  I am still upholding my minimal drinking and finding it rather easy and even though the wait for the noise dragged on I did just fine - 1-0 to Fungal!  Eventually the door at the back opened, we nipped round, had another drink and found out that the support bands tonight were not to be.  It was a case of just the headliners and that would be it even though the price on the door remained the same - shame that but having come from America and with such a lowly crowd (30 tops) it was more than my pleasure to put my £7 in the pot.
So enter Rezurex - of whom I knew nothing and so could make a cold, sober assessment on the night without any prejudice of any kind.  Immediate impact made was of a thrifty unit that refused to drop anything whatsoever never mind a note and the first few songs were executed with utter clinical class and professional attention.  The band certainly looked the part with the frontman sporting his trademark half flesh/half skull countenance and shark fin Mohawk.  Double bass was manipulated with a variety of plucks, slaps and twangs by a player who was energetic, well versed and more than musically articulate, the stick work was attended to with relish and a fine old clatter attack was given once again to a very high standard and guitar wise there was nothing to complain about with plenty of substance, vitality and cute riffage all combined to only enhance the show.  'Rockin' In Your Coffin' shook bones aplenty, 'Vampire Kiss' made impression enough and got toes tapping and 'Psycho Radio' move up the melody and generated further interest from a goggle-eyed crowd (well the few in attendance).  Throughout the set I was impressed by the overall quality and the thorough attention to the musical output and the kick up the arse the players gave to each and every note.  This is a very good band, of that there is no doubt, and the thought that there could be even more in the tank is quite breath-taking.  For me the fact that I would recommend these to the various sub-scenes within punk and beyond has got to be compliment enough so shake yer ass and get seeking.
In retrospect this was a badly organised gig with a lot of faffing about and too long a wait had for each and every punter.  Luckily Rezurex were worth the wait but that is besides the point.  I am sure if this would have been promoted well, several support bands secured and started at a more reasonable time far greater success would have been had - there ain't nowt like stating the obvious is there?

review by OMD (19 May 2011)