Unfortunately after a very busy weekend visiting my old home town, friends, family etc. and collecting more of my belongings (I moved 2 months ago) me and the Mrs arrive at The Sitwell in Derby bloody knackered and it was only early afternoon. We were greeted with smiles, handshakes, temporary parking permits and kisses (at least the Mrs was, I got a handshake) from promoter Jonny March. We rushed into the venue and Dwane Reads was onstage. He was doing bits, between bands, all afternoon but I will give a blanket coverage of the mans performances here. He was crap-next. Not really, in fact he was very good, a poet with a social concern. A voice akin to John Cooper Clarke’s and a wit to match said voice. The poem, 'Dumb Down the Nation' was barbed criticism of the effects of our wonderful media. I loved his verse and agreed with his sentiments. Cutting rhythmic gripes at people who rip off food banks and beautifully puerile in his poem about a repetitive arse flasher at the bus stop at 16.45 hr. The man made me laugh, I agreed with most of what he was poeting about and he was sharp and I look forward to seeing him again.

First up FIERCE MORGAN (piers Morgan?) no FIERCE MORGAN, from Sheffield, young, talented, keen act from the remnants of the now defunct KERPLUNK. 2nd ever gig, you wouldn’t have known but this bunch are no strangers to gigging. I was expecting Green Day but got something different, two guitars complementing each other in a Fugazi way (?) an energetic singer/bass player unphased by the lack of audience (1pm) quite catchy and melodic, they need to rough it up a bit, maybe get a bit angrier and nastier but, hey! second gig? Well done guys.

SANE RIVER arrived, plugged in and did their stuff, hard to describe, a touch of grunge, startlingly original, quirky looking and sounding and damn good. I hope to see more of these guys. damn good! (yes I said it twice)


First band we saw was EXIT THE NETWORK- a fine angular outfit with Mark E Smith type vocals and The Falls repetition. The band were in no hurry and the song writing was excellent. At times The Pop Group and Gang Of Four spring to mind at others Crisis and at others Flux of Pink Indians and The Mob. There were slow atmospheric elements and if I was going to be pretentious I would talk about deconstructulism and post modernism but the band were in no way pretentious but yet I felt like there was something political going on musically as well as lyrically. A great set, an interesting set and I want to see them again soon. No nonsense, no towing the party line, just playing their music without fuss. Yes I loved their noise despite them reminding me of The Fall.

Quickly off to find grub to stop this diabetic shaking then back to watch, ELECTRIC SHITE ORCHESTRA (E.S.O) were a good band doing some fine covers. It’s the third band I have seen Jonny March in and the first time I had seen him front one. He did the job well and the band worked. Although they were covering songs by bands including, The Stooges ('Search and Destroy'), The Heartbreakers ('Chinese Rocks') and UK SUBS ('C. I. D.') Jonny's vocals and the edginess of the band gave their overall set a Slaughter and the Dogs feel which is no bad thing. So although they only did one of their own songs 'Shit Song' ("this song is shit, sing along to it") they sounded and felt like a cohesive band, not just a collection of assorted covers. A band with grit and a bite to boot. I really enjoyed singing along punk rock karaoke style but also look forward to the guys writing some more songs together. Watch this space.

I have reviewed ASBO PEEPSHOW twice this year so far so it’s no secret that they are one of my favourite bands on the underground punk scene. However, due to being partially sighted I said they were a young band in my first review. I am the Minister for Misinformation but they are splendid nonetheless. Good, humorous, mainly light hearted, poppish punk stuff of the finest quality. I will repeat myself, think Sloppy Seconds meets SLF meets The Blaggers and you are somewhere near, possibly. If you do not like this band there is something wrong. Seek treatment immediately. BROWN LINE-BULWELL indeed.

Last band I am gonna review then its (back to) Jonny -3 STONE MONKEY. Shouty and singy, fast and catchy and damn tight. A full on edgy set from this 5 piece, complete with evil looking monkey mutant thing. Extremely energetic and the crowd is appreciative. Hard\hardcore elements with punk as vocals and a chanting monkey. At times there is a sub-tonal demonic fairground type thing occurring, somewhat akin to Circus of Blood. My favourite track is 'Tick Tock' and the band Tick Tocks menacingly whilst they play it. Go see this band ASAP.

(Eagle Spits)

So next up Mr Eagle Spits, delivering his observations and rants against such things as drones, emotional and passionate social and political comment, injected with a strand of humour that captivated many, keep doing it Eagle.

THE PARENTS - Sebastian Vulva's and his band transcend their garage tag, they are very very good and very, very near the knuckle, the music is well played and he is an excellent front man and singer even with a ricked back he reminded me of a cat on the prowl except they don’t wank off mike stands and ejaculate bottled water from their mouths, their latest youtube video upload (Granny Knits Kinky Things) is fast becoming a viral sensation, a definite must see act for me and I recommend them, they slotted in well into what was a varied assortment of bands and acts.  Go see them but cover up the kids' ears. Excellent stuff

Next up, Nottingham’s CERTIFIED treated us to their 101st gig and we were not disappointed. I’ve seen this lot quite a few times but this was their best, angry, tight, menacing and enjoying it. One of the finest punk performances I’ve ever seen, it was tingle time. 'Fight to Fight', '1989; classics all! Do yourself a favour and see them. Stand in drummer (Ryan-Trioxin Cherry) played for em' like it was his 101st time out with em, well done that man. Excellent musicians, excellent songs and sound, if you like your Exploited you will love these, fucking tremendous lads.

ADDICTIVE PHILOSOPHY - I confess I didn’t watch their whole set as I was a bit bogged down with running the event and preparing to play a second set myself following them, what I heard I liked, a trumpet player, some ska, some anarcho / Levellers quite original and danceable, melodic.  Very good stuff from an experienced band. l liked what I heard of em' and
overall a good day, a nice mix of styles and a good atmosphere, local acts donated their small expense fees to children in need, this and a whip round raised over seventy quid. Some big hearted people in Derby that day! The Sitwell Tavern is a good venue and landlord Gary is very hospitable to those wanting to run a gig in his gaff so thanks Gary for helping the scene

review by Eagle Spits/Jonny March (19 November 2012)