In no real mood for this joint promotion it was with great effort I got off my arse and headed down to the gig. My lack of vitality and abundance of reluctance had nothing whatsoever to do with the bands on show in fact I was more than happy to view these fine musicians and listen to their melodic outpourings. No, the main problem was my over-indulgence in the scene and the current distractions of the natural world. I had been up until the wee small hours on Friday at Ainsdale Sands catching moths and having a bloody good time of it. The lack of sleep coupled with the typing up of data and the ID processes had left me somewhat knackered hence the state of mind I was in prior to the gig.

Anyhow I arrived at 5pm and went through the usual salutations and minor organising procedures. Bands arrived in good time and with a cripplingly shit crowd The Medicine Bow got the game a-going with their unique brand of cow-punk blues tinged with alcho-fuel. Incredibly the band was in a state of total sobriety and turned out a bloody enjoyable set.

Go with the Bow

In fact the first few songs were pretty impressive and this really told a tale as to how the perils of booze can hinder the produce a band is capable of. I like this outfit a lot and the mix of bass, 2 guitars, harmonica, drums, and keyboard all worked well tonight and in truth a bit more argy bargy between the band members would have finalised an utterly stunning show. I hope the Bow prosper from this and really have a good go at milking their own teats and thus produce some successful creamy milk to swill at their leisure. Now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and piss on new punk pastures everywhere. Go with the Bow!

Next up Born To Destruct a band who I have had ear-ache about from numerous doubters since I gave them this lot a slot on this gig. Fuckin' ell where is the fuckin' punk ethos going! For me if the spirit is right and the band are up for it then lets do it! I am a great believer in blooding bands and throwing them out there to gain experience and to learn their trade. The 17 year old lass here is punks future and there is no way these bands and members can achieve anything by being denied the chance to play. So with full belief I watched BTD strut their stuff.

Born to Destruct - setting off on the rocky road of punk

Hey and yes I fuckin' enjoyed it and despite the regular blips in timing and tempo there was enough here for me to input more of my time and assistance (for what its worth). The fact that these 'erberts came from Cambridge and still managed to pull 10 friends (that's a quarter of the nights paying crowd) speaks volumes and I personally like what these lot are trying to do. 'Born To Destruct', 'Road Trip' and 'Bollocks' were the best tonight and given time there is a helluva lot more to come. Post-peformance advice from old big-mouth here was taken admirably and I feel was respected for it being borne of passion! More to come - why not indeed?

The Dangerous Aces gatecrashed proceedings next and if you were to make up a band of 4 opposing characters you would be hard pushed to beat this lot. Big Dino on Bass is the quiet guy of the group and as honest as they come - he always strikes me as an undertaker cum bouncer with a fetish for hillbilly music - strange I know but there you go. Matt on drums is a 100% tit - a real noodle and a damn charming lad. He is the fun loving, 'I don't give a toss' headbanger whose skills are sorely under-rated due to his insane antics. Medicine Stu is your charismatic boozing crooner who sweats and swings his way through each and every performance with unfrilled sleaze and grimy talent. Frontman Moz is your true punk afficianado and if Marvel comics were to ever invent a punk rock superhero then this lad would be the guy who by day balances the tax books and by night becomes Wonder Moz - the punk rock trivia machine and leader of the louts.

The Dangerous with friends (2 cans of Fosters in this instance)

A bloody good set of lads and tonight was another rumpous of riotous riffs and gobby punk. If you are looking for something to analyse then don't bother here as you get what you see and I always enjoy these even if its good or bad. 'Binge Drinker' was the pick but there were a few good ones and these guys are always worth a shot.

Due to a couple of disagreements with my co-promoter regarding my incredible thirst and the way in which it was satisified I missed Jesse Eastfields solo set (except for the Bert Reynolds ditty) and the entire One Man Stand set so no review can be given.

Jesse E chugging away

I can guarantee though that One Man Stand will have incorporated the word 'Japan' into their set on several occasions. Anyone actually counting please send in the exact figure ha, ha.

One Man Stand - producing a stunner which I missed - aaaggghhhh

And so with parched throat I watched Demob thrash out a fuckin' great set to a paltry crowd that wasn't even close to what they were deserving of. A real cool execution of all songs took place tonight and the real conundrum is that Demob should be pulling bigger audiences. This is true punk and there is a plethora of good meaty songs to appreciate. The crowd in attendance all enjoyed it and 'Anti-Police' is always a pleasing ditty. For me though I think every song was a choice inclusion and the lack of CD's for sale was a true crime but there is a long tale to tell behind that little faux pas and that is where I leave it. It would be awesome for Demob to get back in a studio and record some new stuff and really push the boat out with promotion and stuff as I am sure they are worthy of more attention. Andy the frontman is always good company and a real gent of the game and hopefully will get his just deserts. A great end to a great evening and all for £6.

Andy K of Demob - as passionate as ever

So where do we go from here? From one disappointment to the next it seems with the punk scene awash with indifference and division. My opinionated mouth still upsets and my honest passion still niggles but there you go. If this affects turn-outs then so be it but I do despair when a scene built on honesty is happy to bask in a lie. I feel the way to promote gigs and to please everyone is to prance around like a Blue Peter presenter and smile inanely telling everyone they played great and everything's hunky dory. Gush and grovel and fuel the fiery ego's and never offer a constructive word in the process. 'Great', 'Super', 'You're The best' - real catchphrases we all want to here. Not me - keep it real and keep it honest and suffer the consequences but know you do it for the love of punk and for nothing more or nothing less. Yes indeed - PUNK not PROFIT - be it financial or personal!

review by OMD (19 May 2008)

Photos by Andrea Ostholt (18 May 2009)